ACRA 2004

Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2004

Nick Barnes and David Austin (eds)

December 6 – 8, 2004
Canberra, Australia
ISBN 0-9587583-6-0

All full papers submitted to ACRA 2004 will undergo a peer-review process. Each manuscript will be reviewed by at least two reviewers who will give detailed comments. If the submission is accepted, the authors will submit a revised (“camera-ready”) version that takes into account this feedback. The review process is managed by the program chair of the conference.

All papers are reviewed using a single-blind review process: authors declare their names and affiliations in the manuscript for the reviewers to see, but reviewers do not know each other’s identities, nor do the authors receive information about who has reviewed their manuscript.

Welcome to ACRA 2004

The 2004 Australian Conference on Robotics and Automation (ACRA 2004) was held at the Australian National University in Canberra. ACRA 2004 continues a tradition of bringing together the Australian robotics community in an annual event to discuss and to celebrate progress in robotics research.

Australia is home to a vibrant and internationally prominent community of robotics researchers. As the national conference, ACRA brings together the best of this community in an informal setting to present and to discuss new and current work. The conference particularly encourages the interaction of research students and developing academics with the more established community. ACRA continues to play an essential role in introducing and fostering new research talent and in advancing the future profile of Australia as an international leader in robotics.

We have endeavoured to ensure a balanced programme: maintaining a high standard of quality, while being inclusive of the up and coming students and junior researchers in the Australasian robotics community. The Programme Committee accepted 48 full papers for presentation and publication after a review process in which full manuscripts were reviewed by at least two committee members. The accepted papers were drawn from 56 papers submitted in total. Movie submissions have been encouraged and the proceedings includes 9 videos. In keeping with recent trends, the primary medium for the proceedings is CD-ROM, and we will be maintaining the proceedings online at the ARAA website. In addition to the technical paper programme, the programme includes a number of interesting live robotics demonstrations, the Annual General Meeting for the ARAA, and plenty of social opportunities for Australasian and international robotics researchers to network and develop cross-institutional links.

We hope you enjoy your time at the conference and we thank all authors, reviewers and participants for their contributions.

Nick Barnes and David Austin
Co-chairs ACRA
Canberra, December 2004

on behalf of the Programme Committee.


Sponsoring Organisations

Australian Robotics and Automation Association Inc.
National ICT Australia (NICTA)
The Australian National University


Nick Barnes
David Austin

Pogramme Committee

David Austin
Nick Barnes
John Billingsly
MWM Gamini Dissanayake
Matthew Dunbabin
Werner Friedrich
Andrew Howard
Ray Jarvis
Margaret Jefferies
Gareth Loy
Bruce MacDonald
Robert Mahony
Jonathan Roberts
Andy Russell
Pavan Sikka
Salah Sukkarieh
Koren Ward
Gordon Wyeth
Alex Zelinsky

Table of Contents


Reduced SIFT Features For Image Retrieval and Indoor Localisation
Luke Ledwich & Stefan Williams
Regular Polygon Detection as an Interest Point Operator for SLAM
David Shaw & Nick Barnes
Localisation using an image-map
Chanop Silpa-Anan & Richard Hartley
High-Speed Feature Extraction in Sensor Coordinates for Laser Rangefinders
Alen Alempijevic


A New Robot for Environmental Monitoring on the Great Barrier Reef
Matthew Dunbabin, Jonathan Roberts, Kane Usher & Peter Corke
Vehicle Model Aided Inertial Navigation for a UAV using Low-cost Sensors
Mitch Bryson & Salah Sukkarieh
Modelling of an Autonomous Amphibious Vehicle
T.H. Tran, Q.P. Ha, R. Grover & S. Scheding
Visible Spectrum Optical Communication and Distance Sensing for Underwater Applications
Felix Schill, Uwe R. Zimmer & Jochen Trumpf

Distributed Systems

A Dynamic Territorial Robotic System
Toby J. Richer & Dan R. Corbett
Visual Recognition of Conspecifics by Swarm Robots
R. Andrew Russell
Observer-Based Decentralized Approach to Robotic Formation Control
A.D. Nguyen, Q.P. Ha, S. Huang & H. Trinh
Decentralised Timescales for Large Scale Sensor Networks
Matthew Ridley, Lee Ling (Sharon) Ong & Salah Sukkarieh

Dynamic Vision

A Fast Vision Sensor Model: Matching Edges with NightOwl
Raymond Sheh & Bernhard Hengst
Combining Edge Detection and Colour Segmentation in the Four-Legged League
Craig L. Murch & Stephan K. Chalup
Active Vision – Rectification and Depth Mapping
Andrew Dankers, Nick Barnes & Alexander Zelinsky
Super-resolving Signs for Classification
Luke Fletcher & Alexander Zelinsky
Stereo Vision Motion Detection from a Moving Platform
Gary Overett & David Austin

Robot Systems

Wireless Network for Mining Applications
Gerold Kloos, Jose Guivant, Stewart Worrall, Andrew Maclean & Eduardo Nebot
A Cable-Array Robot for Air Vehicle Simulation
Kane Usher, Graeme Winstanley, Peter Corke, Dirk Stauffacher & Ryan Carnie
DDX: A Distributed Software Architecture for Robotic Systems
Peter Corke, Pavan Sikka, Jonathan Roberts & Elliot Duff
Designing a Distributed Real-time Software Framework for Robotics
Yuan-hsin Kuo & Bruce A. MacDonald
A `Do-it-Yourself’ Segway Mobile Robot Platform
Ray Jarvis

Dynamic Systems

Docking of a Mobile Robot Using Visual Bearings
Ran Wei, David Austin & Robert Mahony
Towards Dynamically-Favourable Quad-Rotor Aerial Robots
Paul Pounds, Robert Mahony, Joel Gresham, Peter Corke & Jonathan Roberts
Experiments on the Performance of a 2-DOF Pantograph Robot Actuated by Shape Memory Alloy Wires
Yee Harn Teh & Roy Featherstone
Optimal Joint Trajectory Planning for Manipulator Robot Performing Constrained Motion Tasks
Yueshi Shen & Knut Huper


Surface Roughness Measurement for Outdoor Mobile Robotic Applications
Alan M. Zhang & R. Andrew Russell
A Low Sample Rate Real Time Advanced Sonar Ring
Saeid Fazli & Lindsay Kleeman
Approaches to Pole Detection using Ranged Laser Data
Shaun Press & David Austin
A Global Vision System for a Robot Soccer Team
David Ball, Gordon Wyeth & Stephen Nuske


Fast Re-parameterisation of Gaussian Mixture Models for Robotics Applications
Ben Upcroft, Suresh Kumar, Matthew Ridley, Lee Ling (Sharon) Ong & Hugh Durrant-Whyte
A Modified Particle Filter for Simultaneous Robot Localization and Landmark Tracking in an Indoor Environment
Wenyan Hu, Tom Downs, Gordon Wyeth, Michael Milford & David Prasser
Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping from Natural Landmarks using RatSLAM
Michael Milford, Gordon Wyeth & David Prasser
Experiments in Outdoor Operation of RatSLAM
David Prasser, Gordon Wyeth, Michael Milford, Jonathan Roberts & Kane Usher
Hierarchical Monte-Carlo Localisation Balances Precision and Speed
V. Estivill-Castro & B. McKenzie


Computing Reaction Forces on Surgical Tools for Robotic Neurosurgery and Surgical Simulation
Adam Wittek, Jerome Laporte, Karol Miller, Ron Kikinis & Simon K. Warfield
Upgrading Instruments for Robotic Surgery
H. Mayer, I. Nagy, A. Knoll, E.U. Schirmbeck & R. Bauernschmitt
MR SAM: Magnetic Resonance Compatible Surgical Manipulator
Joshua Petitt & Karol Miller
Hyper-Redundant Manipulator Control for Reconfigurability and Obstacle Avoidance
Timothy Vittor, Richard Willgoss & Tomonari Furukawa
Eye-To-Hand Coordination: A Coarse-Calibrated Approach
Shahram Jafari & Ray Jarvis


Online Nonlinear System Identification in High Dimensional Environments
Duncan Potts & Claude Sammut
Learning Predition-Models in Environments with Hidden-state
Matthew Mitchell
Appearance Based Object Recognition with a Large Dataset using Decision Trees
Philip Blackwell & David Austin
Visual Object Recognition using Template Matching
Luke Cole, David Austin & Lance Cole

Planning and Tracking

Covert Robotics: Covert Path Planning in Unknown Environments
Mohamed Marzouqi & Ray Jarvis
Distributed Visual Servoing of a Mobile Robot for Surveillance Applications
David Rawlinson, Punarjay Chakravarty & Ray Jarvis
Video Video
A Multiple Hypothesis Walking Person Tracker with Switched Dynamic Model
Geoffrey Taylor & Lindsay Kleeman
Laser Motion Detection and Hypothesis Tracking from a Mobile Platform
Joshua Bobruk & David Austin

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