About the ARAA

The Australian Robotics and Automation Association Inc. is a professional society in Australia and New Zealand that is concerned with robots, their applications and their implications, and related automation technologies. The Association organises conferences and other meetings, and serves as a focal point for Australian industry and researchers concerned with robotics and automation.


The association runs an annual conference Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation (ACRA).

The next conference will be held at the Australian Cobotics Centre which is headquartered at Queensland University of Technology.

Membership & Mailing List

To become a member of the ARAA, you can join as either an individual or an organisation. The associated mailing list is for members to inform other members about activities in the field of robotics and automation in Australia and New Zealand. Mail on the list typically contains information on topics such as conferences, trade shows, job openings, student and post-doc positions, and significant news in the field.

Competitions and Sponsorship

The ARAA will, at its discretion, support individuals and organisations in the following manners for the purpose of promoting the Australasian robotics and automation community: 1) Organisers of Australasian robotics competitions are invited to submit a proposal for sponsorship to the ARAA treasurer. In 2021, submissions will be considered in August/September. The events must be at least open to teams across Australia. Competitions targeting high school and undergraduate students as participants will be given highest priority. Organisers are asked to contact the ARAA executive to discuss opportunities to advertise these events to a wider audience. 2) Individual teams participating in robotics competitions, both locally and internationally are recommended to contact the list of robotics companies updated here for financial support in the first instance. 3) Final year undergraduate students are offered support to attend ACRA each year if they are presenting a paper at the conference. Further details can be found on the individual conference websites.