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Robotics Research


Humanoid Robotics Medical Robotics Manufacturing Robotics Field Robotics Service Robotics

Robots with human characteristics able to operate in human-oriented environments.

Robots designed to perform a variety of tasks aimed at making people's daily lives easier.

Robots with applications in surgery, patient monitoring and rehabilitation.

Robots freeing people from dangerous and repetitive labour, and making manufacturing more reliable, precise and efficient.

Robots able to operate in unknown and potentially dangerous outdoor environments.

Generic Methodologies

Perception World Modelling Navigation Control and Coordination Learning and Adaptation System Infrastructure and Design Human-Robot Interaction

The sensing and processing of information about the robot and it's environment.

World Modelling
The building of an internal representation of the external world and the robot's location in it.

The successful movement of the robot form one point in the environment to another.

Control and Coordination
The effective use of the robot's actuators.

Learning and Adaptation
The robot's ability to learn from it's experience.

System Infrastructure and Design
The architecture and integration of robotic systems.

Human-Robot Interaction
The robot's ability to communicate and interact effectively with humans.