Table of Contents

Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2016

December 5-7, 2016 at The University of Queensland

Session 1 — Keywords: Deformable Robot Strategy

Vision-based localisation of a sensor capsule moving in a pipeline
Ilija D. Šutalo, Robert L. Stewart, Chong Y. Wong
3D Shape Recovery of Deformable Soft-tissue with Computed Tomography and Depth Scan
Jingwei Song, Jun Wang, Liang Zhao, Shoudong Huang, Gamini Dissanayake
Terrain Characterisation and Gait Adaptation by a Hexapod Robot
Dylan Williamson, Navinda Kottege, Peyman Moghadam
A Design and Control Strategy for a Compliant Delta Manipulator
Alexander Holston, Surya P. Singh
Adversarial Patrolling with Reactive Point Processes
Benjamin N. Hefferan, Oliver M. Cliff, Robert Fitch
Effect of the “Arm Flexible Landing Strategy” for Safe Falling of a Biped Humanoid Robot
Gan Ma, Kenji Hashimoto, Qiang Huang, Atsuo Takanishi

Session 2 — Award Nominees

Development of Dragline Excavation Model for Operation Planning
Haoquan Liu, Michael Kearney, Kevin Austin
A mid-air collision warning system: Vision-based estimation of collision threats for aircraft
Dasun Nadika Gunasinghe, Reuben Strydom, Mandyam V. Srinivasan
Neural Adaptive Assist-As-Needed Control for Rehabilitation Robots
Hamed Rahimi Nohooji, Ian Howard, Lei Cui
Towards the Stackrotor: Aerodynamics, Construction, Dynamics and Control of a Vertical Stacked-Rotor Configuration for Indoor Heavy-Lift Helicopter Robots
Bill Mackay-Lowndes, Edwin Davis, Dion Gonano, Scott Hansen, Paul EI Pounds
Direct Thrust and Velocity Measurement for a Micro UAV Rotor
Edwin Davis, Paul EI Pounds
Probabilistic Maximum Set Cover with Path Constraints for Informative Path Planning
Graeme Best, Robert Fitch

Session 3 — Keywords: Robot Use Energy

Enabling Rapid Field Deployments Using Modular Mobility Units
Troy Cordie, Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay, Jonathan Roberts, Ryan Steindl, Ross Dungavell, Kelly Greenop
A Robustness Analysis of Deep Q Networks
Adam Tow, Sareh Shirazi, Jürgen Leitner, Niko Sünderhauf, Michael Milford, Ben Upcroft
Active Perception for Modelling Energy Consumption in Off-Road Navigation
Rafael Oliveira, Lionel Ott, Fabio Ramos
Relational Tool Use Learning by a Robot in a Real and Simulated World
Handy Wicaksono, Claude Sammut
Control of an Airborne Tethered Kite for Energy Production
Lachlan T. Robinson, James E. Voigt, Frederic Maire
Towards a Universal Gripper: A Primer on the Use of Suction in the Amazon Picking Challenge Context
Timothy McCulloch, Damith Herath

Session 4 — Keywords: Motion Effects

Designing a Robotic Hopping Cube for Lunar Exploration
Tim Hojnik, Robert Lee, Donald G. Dansereau, Jürgen Leitner
Fuzzy System Identification for the Dynamics of the AR.Drone Quadcopter
Fendy Santoso, Matt Garratt, Sreenatha Anavatti
Future Reference Prediction in Model Predictive Control based Driving Simulators
Arash Mohammadi, Houshyar Asadi, Shady Mohamed, Kyle Nelson, Saeid Nahavandi
Eficient Geometric Matching with Polar Bounds for Aligning Star Field Images
Ryan James Marker, Tat-Jun Chin, Garry N. Newsam
Tightly-coupled GNSS and Inertial Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping
Jonghyuk Kim, Jiantong Cheng
Effects of Obstacle Avoidance to LQG-Based Motion Planners
Marcus Hoerger, Hanna Kurniawati, Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay, Alberto Elfes

Session 5 — Keywords: Toward Using Magnetic

Modelling of Electromechanical Dynamics on Local Magnetic Actuation System for Abdominal Surgery
Florence Leong, Alireza Mohammadi, Ying Tan, Pietro Valdastri, Dhan Thiruchelvam, Denny Oetomo
Towards Multimodal and Condition-Invariant Vision-based Registration for Robot Positioning on Changing Surfaces
James Sergeant, Gary Doran, David R. Thompson, Chris Lehnert, Abigail Allwood, Ben Upcroft, Michael Milford
Fall Avoidance and Recovery for Bipedal Robots using Walking Sticks
Benjamin Tam, Navinda Kottege
EPI-GUIDE: Towards a Disposable, Low-Cost Guide for Freehand Ultrasound Support During Epidural Procedures
Joshua Song, Tyson Zastrow, Surya P. Singh, Stephen Wilson and Rajesh Brijball
Linear Approximation for Mapping Remaining Wall Thickness Using a Magnetic Flux Leakage Sensor
Buddhi Wijerathna, Raphael Falque, Sarath Kodagoda, Gamini Dissanayake
Towards Robotic Arthroscopy: `Instrument gap’ Segmentation
Mario Strydom, Anjali Jaiprakash, Thierry Peynot, Ross Crawford, Jonathan Roberts

Session 6 — Keywords: Applications

Vision-based Control of an Encoderless Lightweight Robot Arm
Ho Seok AHN, Forest Fraser, Jonathan Lee, Kazuki Nomura, Hye-Jong Kim, Sadao Kawamura, Bruce A. MacDonald
An Audio-visual Solution to Sound Source Localization and Tracking with Applications to HRI
Brendan M. Emery, Maani Ghaffari Jadidi, Keisuke Nakamura, Jaime Valls Miro
History-based indoor localisation system using a Smartphone
Faris Azhari, Mark Whitty
Comparative Evaluation of Time-of-Flight Depth-Imaging Sensors for Mapping and SLAM Applications
Lance Fang, Alex Fisher, Stefan Kiss, James Kennedy, Chatura Nagahawatte, Jennifer L. Palmer