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Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2015

ISBN: 978-0-9807404-6-2 ISSN: 1448-2053

Modelling & Learning

Multimodal Deep Autoencoders for Control of a Mobile Robot
James Sergeant, Niko Sünderhauf, Michael Milford, Ben Upcroft
Comparison of Elastic Configurations for Energy Efficient Legged Locomotion
Jasmin James, Patrick Ross, David Ball
Terrain Classification and Segmentation using Non-Semantic Range Data
Michael Woods, Jose Guivant, Jayantha Katupitiya
Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of a Vectored Thrust Quad-Rotor
Benjamin Anthony Faul, Jay Katupitiya

Robotic Vision

A Fast Method For Computing Principal Curvatures From Range Images
Andrew Tristan Spek, Wai Ho Li, Tom Drummond
Multi-Scale Place Recognition with Multi-Scale Sensing
Adam Jacobson, Zetao Chen, Venkateswara Rallabandi, Michael Milford
The Effect of Different Parameterisations in Incremental Structure from Motion
Lukas Polok, Vincent Lui, Viorela Ila, Tom Drummond, Robert Mahony
ORB Feature Extraction and Matching in Hardware
Joshua Weberruss, Lindsay Kleeman, Tom Drummond
Repeatable Condition-Invariant Visual Odometry for Sequence-Based Place Recognition
Arren Glover, Edward Pepperell, Gordon Wyeth, Ben Upcroft, Michael Milford
TCM: A Fast Technique to Determine if an Object is Moving or Stationary from a UAV
Reuben Strydom, Saul Thurrowgood, Mandyam V. Srinivasan

Mapping & Learning

Finding the ground hidden in the grass: traversability estimation in vegetation
Patrick Ross, Andrew English, David Ball, Ben Upcroft, Peter Corke
Informative Seafloor Exploration using the Linearised Differential Entropy of Gaussian Process Classifiers
Kelvin YS Hsu, Simon O’Callaghan, Alistair Reid, Stefan B. Williams
Analysing the Impact of Learning Inputs – Application to Terrain Traversability Estimation
Ken Ho, Thierry Peynot, Salah Sukkarieh
Hierarchical Gaussian Processes for Robust and Accurate Map Building
Soohwan Kim, Jonghyuk Kim
Detection of Shoots in Vineyards by Unsupervised Learning with Over the Row Computer Vision System
Scarlett LIU, Julie Tang, Stephen Cossell, Mark Whitty
Kernel-Specific Gaussian Process for Predicting Pipe Wall Thickness Maps
LEI SHI, Liye Sun, Teresa Vidal-Calleja, Jaime Valls Miro


A New Cluster-Based Hybrid Sampling Strategy for Probabilistic Roadmaps in Spatially Varying Wind Fields
Kaushalya Madugalle, Zhe Xu, Salah Sukkarieh
User interface and coverage planner for agricultural robotics
Daniel Richards, Tim Patten, Robert Fitch, David Ball, Salah Sukkarieh
Distributed Formation Building with Obstacle Avoidance for a Team of Wheeled Mobile Robots
Ahmad Baranzadeh, Valimohammad Nazarzehi Had
Coverage-Based Next Best View Selection
Samuel Cunningham-Nelson, Peyman Moghadam, Jonathan Roberts, Alberto Elfes
Long Term Optimisation of Mobile Robots with Proprioceptive Perception
Steven Martin, Peter Corke


Local Magnetic Actuation Based Laparoscopic Camera for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Hang Gu, Meshak Bain, ChangJin Yen, Sixu Fang, Florence Leong, Alireza Mohammadi, Pietro Valdastri, Denny Oetomo
Using Tactile-Exploration with the Unscented Kalman Filter for High Precision On-line Shape and Pose Estimation of a 3D Workpiece
Isaac Monteath, Raymond Sheh, Riaz JK Khan, Daniel Fick, Brett W. Robertson
On the Variability of Tactile Signals During Grasping
Qian Wan, Robert D. Howe
Towards Vision-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Motion Control
Fangyi Zhang, Juergen Leitner, Michael Milford, Ben Upcroft, Peter Corke
A specialised collision detector for grape vines
Scott Paulin, Tom Botterill, XiaoQi Chen, Richard Green

SLAM & Localisation

Local Map Based Graph SLAM with Hierarchical Loop Closure and Optimisation
Adrian Ratter, Claude Sammut
Unit Dual-Quaternion Parametrisation for Graph SLAM
Jonghyuk Kim, jiantong cheng, Hyunchul Shim
Using Hidden Markov Models to Improve Floor Level Localisation
Jean Kyle Alvarez, Dinuka Abeywardena, Lei Shi, Sarath Kodagoda
Automated Topometric Graph Generation from Floor Plan Analysis
Obadiah Lam, Feras Dayoub, Ruth Schulz, Peter Corke
2D Visual Localization for Robot Vacuum Cleaners at Night
James Mount, Venkateswara Rao Rallabandi, Michael Milford
Improved Global Urban Localization Based on Road Maps and 3D Detection of Road Intersections
Lucas Veronese, Jose Guivant, Alberto Ferreira De Souza


Passive Height Stability and Trajectory Repeatability of a Quadrotor Maneuvering in Ground Effect with Regulated Voltage Bus
Edwin Blaize Davis, James T. Spollard, Paul E. Pounds
Non-linear Velocity Aided Attitude Estimation and Velocity Control for Quadrotors
Moses Bangura, Frits Kuipers, Guillaume Allibert, Robert Mahony
A 3D sky compass to achieve robust estimation of UAV attitude
Tasarinan Jouir, Reuben Strydom, Mandyam V. Srinivasan
Decoupled Trajectory Tracking Controllers Design for Multirotors
Hao LIU, Jonghyuk Kim
Snapshot-based Navigation for the Guidance of UAS
Aymeric Denuelle, Mandyam V. Srinivasan
6DoF Motion Estimation for UAV Landing on a Moving Shipdeck using Real-Time On-Board Vision
Shanggang Lin, Matthew Garratt, Andrew Lambert, Ping Li

AI (Joint Session with AusAI)

Enhancing Human Action Recognition with Region Proposals
Fahimeh Rezazadegan, Sareh Shirazi, Niko Sünderhauf, Michael Milford, Ben Upcroft
A Learning Framework for Tool Creation by a Robot
Handy Wicaksono, Claude Sammut
Learning by Demonstration for Co-Operative Navigation with Assistive Mobility Devices
James Poon, Jaime Valls Miro

System & Architecture

Design and Development of ReCOPTER: An Open source ROS-based Multirotor Platform for Research
Dinuka Abeywardena, Paul Pounds, David Hunt, Gamini Dissanayake
A Case Study: Robot Manager for Multi­Robot Systems with Heterogeneous Component­based Frameworks
Minho Lee, Ho Seok Ahn, Bruce MacDonald
A Novel Task-Oriented Brain Computer Interface for Human-Robot Interaction
Anthony Zeater, Ali Haydar Goktogan, Ulrich Engelke, Eleana Papagiannopoulou, Jim Lagopoulos
Distributed Robotic Vision as a Service
William Chamberlain, Tom Drummond, Peter Corke
TripNet: Detecting Trip Hazards on Construction Sites
Sean McMahon, Niko Sunderhauf, Michael Milford, Ben Upcroft
What Happened and Why? A Mixed Architecture for Planning and Explanation Generation in Robotics
Zenon Colaco, Mohan Sridharan

Sensing & Tracking

Multi-Target Tracking using Weighted Maximum-Likelihood Extended Kalman Filter
Abdallah Kassir, Mao Shan, Andrew Hill, Juan Nieto, Steven Scheding
Reasoning about natural language phrases for semantic goal driven exploration
Ben Talbot, Ruth Schulz, Ben Upcroft, Gordon Wyeth
A Real-Time Vision-Based method to overlay Medical Imaging Data onto a moving patient
Matthew Lanaro, Jonathan Roberts, Peter Corke
Characterisation of the Delphi Electronically Scanning Radar for Robotics Applications
Leo Stanislas, Thierry Peynot
A decentralized Grid-based Random Search Algorithm for Locating Targets in Three dimensional Environments by a Mobile Robotic Network
Valimohammad Nazarzehi Had, Ahmad Baranzadeh
A Robotic Joint Sensor
Laurence McLean, Lei Chen, William S.P. Robertson
Source Localisation with a Bernoulli Particle-Filter-Based Bearings-Only Tracking Algorithm
Jennifer L. Palmer

ISBN: 978-0-9807404-6-2 ISSN: 1448-2053