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Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9807404-5-5 ISSN: 1448-2053



Unsupervised Online Learning of Condition-Invariant Images for Place Recognition
Stephanie Lowry, Gordon Wyeth, Michael Milford
A method to quantify a descriptor’s illumination variance
Patrick Ross, Andrew English, David Ball, Peter Corke
Vision system for the automation of ovine carcass processing
Danny Cheng, Chee Kit Wong, Patrick P. K. Lim
Text recognition approaches for indoor robotics: a comparison
Obadiah Lam, Feras Dayoub, Ruth Schulz, Peter Corke
3D Point Cloud Upsampling for Accurate Reconstruction of Dense 2.5D Thickness Maps
Bradley Skinner, Teresa Vidal-Calleja, Jaime Valls Miro, Freek De Bruijn, Raphael Falque
Light Field De-blurring for Robotics Applications
Aaron Jay Snoswell, Surya P. Singh


A Lightweight SLAM Algorithm for Indoor Autonomous Navigation
Paolo Tripicchio, Matteo Unetti, Nicola Giordani, Carlo Alberto Avizzano, Massimo Satler
Bio-inspired Plume Tracking Algorithm for UAVS
Glen Montes, Benjamin Letheren, Tommaso Villa, Felipe Gonzalez
Hardware Design and Implementation of a MAVLink Interface for an FPGA-Based Autonomous UAV Flight Control System
Blake Fuller, Jonathon Kok, Neil Kelson, Felipe Gonzalez
Terrain-based Path Planning and Following for an Experimental Mars Rover
Steven Potiris, Anthony Tompkins, Ali Haydar Goktogan
A Semantic-Based Method for Point Cloud Angular Consistency in Urban Environments
Anton A. Lohr, Jose E. Guivant
Expanding Wavefront Frontier Detection: An Approach for Efficiently Detecting Frontier Cells
Phillip D. Quin, Alen Alempijevic, Gavin Paul, Dikai Liu


Adaptive head stabilisation system for a snake-like robot
Nataliia Sergiienko, Lei Chen
Motion Control for a Tandem-Wing Flapper
Benjamin Robertson, Phillip Smith, Nicholas Wells, James R. Harvey, Malcolm B. Jones, Jennifer L. Palmer
Tracking Control of a Class of Hamiltonian Mechanical Systems with Disturbances
Alejandro Donaire, Tristan Perez, Nathan Bartlett
Rotor Flapping for a Triangular Quadrotor
Jaco du Plessis, Paul Pounds
Comparative Analysis of two Types of Leg-observation-based Visual Servoing Approaches for the Control of the Five-bar Mechanism
Alessia Vignolo, Sébastien Briot, Philippe Martinet, Chao Chen
A Linear Quadratic Optimal Motion Cueing Algorithm Based on Human Perception
Houshyar Asadi, Shady Mohamed, Kyle Nelson, Saeid Nahavandi


A Vibrotactile Feedback User Interface for Haptic Teleoperation of Aerial Robots
Sriraj Gowthaman Srilakshmi, Xiaolei Hou, Robert Mahony
An Evaluation of Multi-Modal User Interface Elements for Tablet-Based Robot Teleoperation
Graeme Best, Peyman Moghadam
Development of User Interfaces for an Internet-Based Forklift Teleoperation System with Telepresence
Ho Seok Ahn, Samuel McArdle, Greg Sumner, Bruce A. MacDonald
The Effect of Autonomy Transparency in Human-Robot Interactions: A Preliminary Study on Operator Cognitive Workload and Situation Awareness in Multiple Heterogeneous UAV Management
Ting (Brendan) Chen, Duncan Campbell, Felipe Gonzalez, Gilles Coppin
Spectra: 3D Multispectral Fusion and Visualization Toolkit
Peyman Moghadam
What should we consider when designing rehabilitation robots for the upper limb of the neurologically impaired?
Andrew Weightman, Aris Christos Alexoulis-Chrysovergis, Stefan Oltean


Delayed Optimisation for Robust and Linear Pose-Graph SLAM
Jonghyuk Kim, Jiantong Cheng
Exploiting Parallax in Panoramic Capture to Construct Light Fields
Donald G. Dansereau, David Wood, Sebastian Montabone, Stefan B. Williams
* Winner of Raymond A. Jarvis Memorial Best Paper Award
Moving Mammoth: Stable Motion for a Reconfigurable Wheel-On-Leg Rover
William Reid, Ali Haydar Goktogan, Salah Sukkarieh
Towards Vision-Based Pose- and Condition-Invariant Place Recognition along Routes
Edward Pepperell, Peter I. Corke, Michael J. Milford


Convolutional Neural Network-based Place Recognition
Zetao Chen, Obadiah Lam, Adam Jacobson, Michael Milford
A Novel Unknown-Input Estimator for Disturbance Estimation and Compensation
Difan Tang, Lei Chen, Eric Hu
Dynamically Balanced Trajectory Generation for Non-Holonomic Forklift Vehicles
Leng Vongchanh, Alireza Mohammadi, Allison Kealy, Denny Oetomo
Visual Odometry: Autonomous UAV Navigation using Optic Flow and Stereo
Reuben Strydom, Saul Thurrowgood, Mandyam V. Srinivasan
* Winner of Best Student Paper Award
Automated Sensory Data Alignment for Environmental and Epidermal Change Monitoring
Michael Milford, Jennifer Firn, James Beattie, Adam Jacobson, Edward Pepperell, Eugene Mason, Michael Kimlin, Matthew Dunbabin


PWL Approximation for Dense Mapping and Associated Hybrid PSO-Dijkstra Processes for Path Planning
Karime Pereida, Jose Guivant, Anton Lohr
Affordance-Map : A Map for Context-Aware Path Planning
Lasitha Piyathilaka, Sarath Kodagoda
Motion Planning for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Supervision
Graeme Best, Stuart Anstee
Path Planning for Assembly Mode Changes for the 3-RRR using Global Workspace Roadmaps
Wesley Au, Hoam Chung, Chao Chen
Convergence-guaranteed Time-varying RRT Path Planning for Profiling Floats in 4-Dimensional Flow
Van Thanh Huynh, Matthew Dunbabin, Ryan Neal Smith
Path Planning and Force Control of a 4WD4WS Vehicle
Penglei Dai, Jay Katupitiya


An Open-Source Implementation of a Unit Quaternion based Attitude and Trajectory Tracking for Quadrotors
Moses Bangura, Hyon Lim, H.Jin Kim, Robert Mahony
Efficient Multi-Agent Exploration with Gaussian Processes
Alberto Viseras Ruiz
Recursive Bayesian Updates for Occupancy Mapping and Surface Reconstruction
Soohwan Kim, Jonghyuk Kim
TAPIR: A Software Toolkit for Approximating and Adapting POMDP Solutions Online
Dimitri Klimenko, Joshua Song, Hanna Kurniawati
Looming Aircraft Threats: Shape-based Passive Ranging of Aircraft from Monocular Vision
Timothy L. Molloy, Jason J. Ford, Luis Mejias
A Lightweight, Modular Robotic Vehicle for the Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture
Owen Bawden, David Ball, Jason Kulk, Tristan Perez, Ray Russell


A Filtering Approach for Computation of Real-Time Dense Optical-flow for Robotic Applications
Juan David Adarve, David Austin, Robert Mahony
Robotic competitions: short term pain for long term gain
Henry Williams, Will Browne, Dale Carnegie
Fast Path Planning for Precision Weeding
James Ju Heon Lee, Kris Frey, Robert C. Fitch, Salah Sukkarieh
Background Segmentation to Enhance Remote Field Eddy Current Signals
Raphael Falque, Teresa Vidal-Calleja, Jaime Valls Miro, Daniel Lingnau, David Russel
RANSAC: Identification of Higher-Order Geometric Features and Applications in Humanoid Robot Soccer
Madison Flannery, Shannon Fenn, David Budden
A Simple Vehicle for the Transportation of a Humanoid Nao Robot
Gavin Suddrey, Sam Cunningham-Nelson, Daniel Richards, Pearl Gariano, Frederic Maire


Design of an API for Integrating Robotic Software Frameworks
Min Ho Lee, Ho Seok Ahn, Bruce A. MacDonald
Audio Signalling as a Backup Communication Channel for Multi-Robot Systems
Gavin Suddrey, Pearl Gariano, Sam Cunningham-Nelson, Daniel Richards, Frederic Maire
Electronic training wheels: An automated cycling track stand
Daniel T. Wardle, Thomas Gregory, Benjamin S. Cazzolato
A robust people detection, tracking, and counting system
Nathan Kirchner, Alen Alempijevic, Alexander Virgona, Xiaohe Dai, Paul G. Ploger, Ravi K. Venkat
Evaluation of Feature Detectors for KLT based Feature Tracking using Odroid U3
Ben Barnes, Dinuka Abewardena, Sarath Kodagoda, Gamini Dissanayake
Drogue Motion Estimation Using Air-to-Air Observations
Daniel Briggs Wilson, Ali Haydar Goktogan, Salah Sukkarieh

ISBN 978-0-9807404-5-5 ISSN 1448-2053