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Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2013


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Exploration Using Information Based Reaction-Diffusion Process
Maani Ghaffari Jadidi (University of Technology Sydney), Jaime Valls Miro (University of Technology Sydney), Rafael Valencia (Orebro University), Juan Andrade-Cetto (Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC), Gamini Dissanayake (University of Technology Sydney)
Terrain Classification Using a Hexapod Robot
Graeme Best (Monash University and CSIRO), Peyman Moghadam (CSIRO), Navinda Kottege (CSIRO), Lindsay Kleeman (Monash University)
Nearest Neighbour Exploration with Backtracking for Robotic Exploration of Complex 3D Environments
Phillip D. Quin (UTS), Gavin Paul (UTS), Dikai K. Liu (UTS), Alen Alempijevic (UTS)
Sound-based Environment Recognition for Constraining Assistive Robotic Navigation using Neural Networks
Eduardo González (UTFSM), Ernesto Fredes (UTFSM), Pablo Prieto (UTFSM), Alberto de Souza (UFES), Teodiano Bastos (UFES), Edilso de Aguiar (UFES), Fernando Auat Cheein (UTFSM)


Probabilistic Gradient Ascent with Applications to Bipedal Robotic Locomotion
David Budden (National ICT Australia (NICTA)), Josiah Walker (The University of Newcastle), Madison Flannery (The University of Newcastle), Alexandre Mendes (The University of Newcastle)
Predictably un-predictable — on the implementation of a Walking Pattern Generator for the full-sized humanoid robot HUBO2 using Model Predictive Control
David T. Butterworth (University of Queensland)
An Analysis of Regression Models for Predicting the Speed of a Wave Glider Autonomous Surface Vehicle
Phillip Ngo (Queensland University of Technology), Wesam Al-Sabban (Queensland University of Technology), Jesse Thomas (Liquid Robotics), Will Anderson (Liquid Robotics), Jnaneshwar Das (University of Southern California), Ryan N. Smith (Fort Lewis College)
Wheel Slip Identification and its Use in the Robust Control of Articulated Off-road Vehicles
Javad Taghia (University of New South Wales), Jayantha Katupitiya (University of New South Wales)
Falling cat robot lands on its feet
Ben Shields (The University of Adelaide), William S. P. Robertson (The University of Adelaide), Natalie Redmond (The University of Adelaide), Ross Jobson (The University of Adelaide), Rian Visser (The University of Adelaide), Zebb Prime (The University of Adelaide), Ben Cazzolato (The University of Adelaide)


Airborne Vision System for the Detection of Moving Objects
Reuben Strydom (The University of Queensland), Saul Thurrowgood (The University of Queensland), Mandyam V. Srinivasan (The University of Queensland)
Fast and robust position determination in the scanning electron microscope
Christian Dahmen (Oldenburg University), Tobias Tiemerding (Oldenburg University)
Evaluating the Effect of Lighting Conditions on an Image-based Localiser for Nighttime Operations of an Autonomous Vehicle
Ashley D. Tews (CSIRO), Paulo V. Borges (CSIRO)
Automatic Plant Branch Segmentation and Classification Using Vesselness Measure
Zainab Mohammed Amean (USQ))
A novel method for analysing lighting variance
Patrick Ross (Queensland University of Technology), Andrew English (Queensland University of Technology), David Ball (Queensland University of Technology), Ben Upcroft (Queensland University of Technology), Gordon Wyeth (Queensland University of Technology), Peter Corke (Queensland University of Technology)


A Cooperative Architecture Based on Social Insects
Iain Brookshaw (University of Southern Queensland), Dr. Tobias Low (University of Southern Queensland)
Decentralized Deadlock-Free Navigation for Multiple Vehicles in 2D and 3D Environments using Local Parametized Trajectory Generation
Michael Hoy (UNSW), Matthew Garratt (UNSW Canberra)
On Practical, Safe, and Convergent Protocols for Agent Formations
Vladimir Estivill-Castro (Griffith University), Esteve Fernandez (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Rene Hexel (Griffith University)
Large-Scale Near-Optimal Decentralised Information Gathering with Multiple Mobile Robots
Timothy Patten (The University of Sydney), Robert Fitch (The University of Sydney), Salah Sukkarieh (The University of Sydney)
A Decentralized Control Algorithm for Target Search by a Multi-Robot Team
Ahmad Baranzadeh (University of New South Wales,)


Training-Free Probability Models for Whole-Image Based Place Recognition
Stephanie Lowry (Queensland University of Technology), Gordon Wyeth (Queensland University of Technology), Michael Milford (Queensland University of Technology)
Bio-inspired Place Recognition over Multiple Spatial Scales
Zetao Chen (Queensland University of Technology), Adam Jacobson (Queensland University of Technology), Uğur M. Erdem (Boston University), Michael Hasselmo (Boston University), Michael Milford (Queensland University of Technology)
Improved line tracker using IMU and Vision for visual servoing
Inkyu Sa (Queensland University of Technology), Peter Corke (Queensland University of Technology)
Towards Persistent Visual Navigation using SMART
Edward Pepperell (Queensland University of Technology), Peter Corke (Queensland University of Technology), Michael Milford (Queensland University of Technology)
Towards Condition-Invariant, Top-Down Visual Place Recognition
Michael Milford (Queensland University of Technology), Walter Scheirer (Harvard University), Eleonora Vig (Harvard University), David Cox (Harvard University)
Towards Automated Yield Estimation in Viticulture
Samuel Marden (UNSW), Scarlett Liu (UNSW), Mark Whitty (University of New South Wales)


Goal Accomplishment Tracking for Automatic Supervision of Plan Execution
Nicolas Small (Murdoch University), Graham Mann (Murdoch University), Kevin Lee (Murdoch University)
Decentralized Control of Mobile Robotic Sensors for a Smooth Sweep Coverage along an Arbitrary Boundary
Waqqas Ahmad (UNSW)
Animal Locomotion In Silico: A POMDP-Based Tool to Study Mid-Air Collision Avoidance Strategies in Flying Animals
Haibo Wang (University of Queensland), Hanna Kurniawati (University of Queensland), Surya Singh (University of Queensland), Mandyam Srinivasan (University of Queensland)
Sustainability, Scalability, and Sensor Discovery with Cloud Robotics
Claire D’Este (CSIRO)


A Real-time Obstacle Avoidance Strategy for Safe Autonomous Navigation of Intelligent Hospital Beds in Dynamic Uncertain Environments
Chao Wang (The University of New South Wales), Alexey S. Matveev (Saint Petersburg University), Andrey V. Savkin (The University of New South Wales), Ray Clout (University of Technology, Sydney), Hung T. Nguyen (University of Technology, Sydney)
An Optimised GPU-Based Robot Motion Planner
Stephen Cossell (University of New South Wales), Jose Guivant (University of New South Wales)
Planning Stable and Efficient Paths for Articulated Mobile Robots On Challenging Terrains
Mohammad Norouzi (UTS), Jaime Valls Miro (UTS), Gamini Dissanayake (UTS)
PWL Approximation for Dense Mapping and Associated Dijkstra Processes for the Concurrent Synthesis of Multiple Full Cost-to-Go Functions
Jose Guivant (University of New South Wales), Karime Pereida Pérez (University of New South Wales)
An Online Motion Planning and Control Strategy for UAVs in Wind using Reduced Order Forward Models
Ashray Atul Doshi (University of Queensland), Surya P. N. Singh (University of Queensland), Adam J. Postula (University of Queensland)
A GPU-Based Concurrent Motion Planning Algorithm for 3D Euclidean Configuration Spaces
Stephen Cossell (University of New South Wales), Jose Guivant (University of New South Wales)


Guidance Control of a Small Unmanned Aerial Vechicle with a Delta-Wing
Shuichi Tajima (Kumamoto University), Takuya Akasaka (Kumamoto University), Makoto Kumon (Kumamoto University), Kazuo Okabe (Sky Remote Inc.)
Sliding Mode Based Position and Attitude Controller for a Vectored Thrust Aerial Vehicle
Hiranya Samanga Jayakody (University of New South Wales), Jay Katupitiya (University of New South Wales)
Robust Optimal Attitude Control of Multirotors
Hao Liu (Beihang University), Dafizal Derawi (Australian National University), Jonghyuk Kim (Australian National University), Yisheng Zhong (Tsinghua University)
A Motion Planner Allowing Ball Dribbling for Soccer Playing Robots
Razali Mohamad (The University of Melbourne), Jonathan Eden (The University of Melbourne), Nicholas Cook (The University of Melbourne), Darwin Lau (The University of Melbourne), Denny Oetomo (The University of Melbourne)
Study on Control Strategy of the New Hybrid Type Robot
Jiman Luo (School of Traffic and Mechanical Engineering, Shenyang Jianzhu University), Mingshan Zhang (School of Traffic and Mechanical Engineering, Shenyang Jianzhu University), Qiaozhi Lin (School of Traffic and Mechanical Engineering, Shenyang Jianzhu University), Xiaowei Sun (School of Traffic and Mechanical Engineering, Shenyang Jianzhu University), Yuzhen An (School of Traffic and Mechanical Engineering, Shenyang Jianzhu University)


Inertial-Kinect Fusion for Outdoor 3D Navigation
Usman Qayyum (ANU), Jonghyuk Kim (ANU)
Unsupervised Feature Learning for Classification of Outdoor 3D Scans
Mark De Deuge (ACFR), Alastair Quadros (ACFR), Calvin Hung (ACFR), Bertrand Douillard (ACFR)
Advantages of Exploiting Projection Structure for Segmenting Dense 3D Point Clouds
Alex Bewley (Queensland University of Technology), Ben Upcroft (Queensland University of Technology)
Detecting Smoke-Affected Laser Data Using Image Quality Analysis
Christopher Brunner (ACFR, The University of Sydney), Thierry Peynot (ACFR, University of Sydney), James Underwood (ACFR, The University of Sydney)
An Efficient RGB-D data-based Motion Segmentation Algorithm and Its Application to Multibody SLAM
Youbing Wang (University of Technology, Sydney)
Terrain Classification using Depth Texture Features
Michael Woods (University of New South Wales), Jose Guivant (University of New South Wales), Jayantha Katupitiya (University of New South Wales)


GPU Accelerated Parallel Occupancy Voxel Based ICP for Position Tracking
Adrian Ratter (University of New South Wales), Claude Sammut (University of New South Wales)
A Viewpoint Planning and Navigation Algorithm for Mobile Robots using Depth Images
Davide Valeriani (University of Parma), Dario Lodi Rizzini (University of Parma), Fabio Oleari (University of Parma), Stefano Caselli (University of Parma)
A preliminary evaluation of vision and laser sensing for tree trunk detection and orchard mapping
Nagham Shalal (University of Southern Queensland), Tobias Low (University of Southern Queensland), Cheryl McCarthy (University of Southern Queensland), Nigel Hancock (University of Southern Queensland)
Low Cost Localisation for Agricultural Robotics
Andrew English (QUT), Patrick Ross (QUT), David Ball (QUT), Ben Upcroft (QUT), Gordon Wyeth (QUT), Peter Corke (QUT)
One Robot, Eight Hours, and Twenty Four Thousand People
Feras Dayoub (Queensland University of Technology), Timothy Morris (Queensland University of Technology), Ben Upcroft (Queensland University of Technology), Peter Corke (Queensland University of Technology)


Teaching a robot to hear: a real-time onboard sound classification system for a humanoid robot
Thomas D’Arcy (UWS), Christopher Stanton (UWS), Anton Bogdanovych (UWS)
µAV – Design and Implementation of an Open Source Micro Quadrotor
Christopher F. Lehnert (QUT), Peter Corke (QUT)
Passive Landing Gear using Coupled Mechanical Design
Samuel B. Baker (University of Queensland), Dean Soccol (University of Queensland), Adam Postula (University of Queensland), Mandyam V. Srinivasan (University of Queensland)
Haptic Autonomous Vortex Cannon with Real Time Human Tracking
Christopher Robert Targett (University of Adelaide), Simon Bruce Inverarity (University of Adelaide), Adam James Spencer (University of Adelaide), Mark Andrew Edward Hier (University of Adelaide), John Ugo Hooper (University of Adelaide), Benjamin Cazzolato (University of Adelaide), Zebb Prime (University of Adelaide)
Electro-Tactile Feedback for Tele-operation of a Mobile Robot
Daniel Pamungkas (University of Wollongong), Koren Ward (University of Wollongong)
A Rapid Automation Framework for Applications on the Micro- and Nanoscale
Claas Diederichs (Oldenburg University), Malte Bartenwerfer (Oldenburg University), Manuel Mikczinski (Oldenburg University), Sören Zimmermann (Oldenburg University), Tobias Tiemerding (Oldenburg University), Christian Geldmann (Oldenburg University), Xian Ha Nguyen (Oldenburg University), Christian Dahmen (Oldenburg University), Sergej Fatikow (Oldenburg University)

ISBN 978-0-9807404-4-8 ISSN 1448-2053