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Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2012


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Towards Robotic Visual & Acoustic Stealth for Outdoor Dynamic Target Tracking
Matthew Dunbabin (CSIRO), Ashley Tews (CSIRO)
Path Planning with Maximum Expected Map Deformation
Mark Whitty (University of New South Wales), Jose Guivant (University of New South Wales)
Motion Planning of a Planar 3R Manipulator Utilising Fluid Flow Trajectory Generation
Darwin Lau (University of Melbourne), Jonathan Eden (University of Melbourne), Denny Oetomo (University of Melbourne)


Road Terrain Type Classification based on LMS Data
Shifeng WANG (University of Technology, Sydney), Sarath Kodagoda (University of Technology, Sydney), Lei SHI (University of Technology, Sydney)
A Mutual Information Approach to Automatic Calibration of Camera and Lidar in Natural Environments
Zachary J. Taylor (Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation), Juan Nieto (Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation)
A Novel Approach to 3D Laser Scanning
David Wood (Ocular Robotics), Mark Bishop (Ocular Robotics)
Omni-VISER: 3D Omni Vision-Laser Scanner
Usman Qayyum (Australian National University)
Characterisation of the Victoria University Range Imaging System
Benjamin Mark Moffat Drayton (Victoria University of Wellington), Dale A. Carnegie (Victoria University of Wellington), Adrian A. Dorrington (University of Waikato)


Plane-based detection of staircases using inverse depth
Titus Jia Jie Tang (Monash University), Wen Lik Dennis Lui (Monash University), Wai Ho Li (Monash University)
Using Kinect for monitoring warehouse order picking operations
Xingyan Li (University of Auckland), Ian Yen-Hung Chen (University of Auckland), Stephen Thomas (University of Auckland), Bruce A. MacDonald (University of Auckland)
STALKERBOT: Learning to Navigate Dynamic Human Environments by Following People
Liz Murphy (QUT), Peter Corke (QUT)
Proximity Sensing and Reactive Control for Safe Manipulation
Changmook Chun (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Chansu Suh (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Sungchul Kang (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
Improving the Performance of ICP for Real-Time Applications using an Approximate Nearest Neighbour Search
Samuel Philip Marden (UNSW), Jose Guivant (UNSW)


UAV Rendezvous: From Concept to Flight Test
Daniel Briggs Wilson (Australian Centre for Field Robotics), Ali Haydar Goktogan (Australian Centre for Field Robotics), Salah Sukkarieh (Australian Centre for Field Robotics)
Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling for High Performance Control of a Quadrotor
Moses Bangura (ANU), Robert Mahony (ANU)
Guidance, Navigation and Control of a Small-Scale Paramotor
Jack Umenberger (The University of Sydney)
100Hz Onboard Vision for Quadrotor State Estimation
Inkyu Sa (QUT), Peter Corke (QUT)
Paper Plane: Towards Disposable Low-Cost Folded Cellulose-Substrate UAVs
Paul EI Pounds (University of Queensland)


Laser-to-Radar Sensing Redundancy for Resilient Perception in Adverse Environmental Conditions
Marcos Paul Gerardo Castro (Australian Centre of Field Robotics / University of Sydney), Thierry Peynot (Australian Centre of Field Robotics / University of Sydney)
Image Salience Weighting for Improving Appearance-Based Place Recognition using a Supervised Classifier System
Henry Williams (Victoria University of Wellington), Will Browne (Victoria University of Wellington), Michael Milford (Queensland University of Technology)
CAT-GRAPH+: Towards Odometry-driven Place Consolidation in Changing Environments
Stephanie M. Lowry (QUT), Gordon F. Wyeth (QUT), Michael J. Milford (QUT)
Towards Brain-based Sensor Fusion for Navigating Robots
Adam Jacobson (Queensland University of Technology), Michael Milford (Queensland University of Technology)


Robocup Standard Platform League – rUNSWift 2012 Innovations
Sean C. Harris (UNSW)
Monte Carlo Sampling of Non-Gaussian Proposal Distribution in Feature-Based RBPF-SLAM
Nina Marhamati (Advanced Robotics and Automated Systems, K. N. Toosi University of Technology), Hamid Taghirad (Advanced Robotics and Automated Systems, K. N. Toosi University of Technology), Kasra Khosoussi (Centre of Autonomous Systems, University of Technology, Sydney)
Novelty based Learning of Primitive Manipulation Strategies
Ben Border (Monash University), R. Andrew Russell (Monash University)
Building Large-Scale Occupancy Maps using an Infinite Mixture of Gaussian Process Experts
Soohwan Kim (The Australian National University), Jonghyuk Kim (The Australian National University)
Mutual Information Based Data Selection in Gaussian Processes for People Tracking
Zulkarnain Zainudin (University of Technology Sydney), Sarath Kodagoda (University of Technology Sydney)


A Study of Feature Extraction Algorithms for Optical Flow Tracking
Navid Nourani Vatani (University of Sydney), Paulo Borges (CSIRO ICT Centre), Jonathan Roberts (CSIRO ICT Centre)
How People Naturally Describe Robot Behaviour
James P. Diprose (The University of Auckland), Beryl Plimmer (The University of Auckland), Bruce A. MacDonald (The University of Auckland), John G. Hosking (Australian National University)
A cooperative approach to the design of an Operator Control Unit for a semi-autonomous grit-blasting robot
Stefan Lie (University of Technology Sydney)
Skype: a communications framework for robotics
Peter Corke (QUT), Kyran Findlater (QUT), Elizabeth Murphy (QUT)
Teleoperation of a humanoid robot using full-body motion capture, example movements, and machine learning
Christopher Stanton (University of Western Sydney), Anton Bogdanovych (University of Western Sydney)


jmeSim: An open source, multi platform robotics simulator
Adam Haber (University of New South Wales)
Sensor Selection Based Routing for Monitoring Gaussian Processes Modeled Spatial Phenomena
Linh Van Nguyen (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia), Ravindra Ranasinghe (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia), Sarath Kodagoda (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia), Gamini Dissanayake (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)
A Novel Approach to Automated Systems Engineering on a Multi-Agent Robotics Platform using Enterprise Con guration Testing Software
Stephen Cossell (ScriptRock Inc.)
Dynamic Modelling and Analysis of a Vectored Thrust Aerial Vehicle
Wei Yuan (University of New South Wales), Hiranya Jayakody (University of New South Wales), Jayantha Katupitiya (University of New South Wales)
Towards Reduced-Order Models for Online Motion Planning and Control of UAVs in the Presence of Wind
Ashray A. Doshi (The University of Queensland), Surya P. Singh (The University of Queensland), Adam J. Postula (The University of Queensland)


An Enhanced Dynamic Model for Mckiben Pneumatic Muscle Actuators
Ruiyi Tang (University of Technology, Sydney), Dikai Liu (University of Technology, Sydney)
Second-order Sliding Mode Control for Offshore Container Cranes
Raja Mohd Taufika Raja Ismail (University of Technology Sydney), Quang Ha (University of Technology Sydney)
Locally Weighted Learning Model Predictive Control for Elastic Joint Robots
Christopher Lehnert (QUT), Gordon Wyeth (QUT)


Visual Sea-floor Mapping from Low Overlap Imagery using Bi-objective Bundle Adjustment and Constrained Motion
Michael Warren (Queensland University of Technology), Peter Corke (Queensland University of Technology), Oscar Pizzaro (University of Sydney), Stefan Williams (University of Sydney), Ben Upcroft (Queensland University of Technology)
Automated species detection: An experimental approach to kelp detection from sea-floor AUV images
Michael S. Bewley (Australian Centre for Field Robotics), Bertrand Douillard (Australian Centre for Field Robotics), Navid Nourani-Vatani (Australian Centre for Field Robotics), Ariell Friedman (Australian Centre for Field Robotics), Oscar Pizarro (Australian Centre for Field Robotics), Stefan B. Williams (Australian Centre for Field Robotics)
Matching Objects across the Textured–Smooth Continuum
Ognjen Arandjelovic (Deakin University)
Towards an Efficient and Robust Optic Flow Algorithm for Robotic Applications
Juan David Adarve Bermudez (Australian National University), Li Wusen (Nanjing University of Science and Technology), Robert Mahony (Australian National University), David Austin (MadJ innovations)


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