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Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2011


Additional Media

Visual tracking and segmentation

Robust People Tracking and SHMM learning using SHMMs
Stephan Sehestedt(The University of Technology, Sydney), Sarath Kodagoda(The University of Technology, Sydney), Gamini Dissanayake(The University of Technology, Sydney),
Fat and Thin Adaptive HMM Filters for Vision Based Detection of Moving Targets
Alexander L. Wainwright(Queensland University of Technology), Jason J. Ford(Queensland University of Technology), John Lai(Queensland University of Technology),
Towards Automatic Object Segmentation with Sequential Multiple Views
Hu He(QUT), David Mckinnon(QUT), Ben Upcroft(QUT),

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

First Airborne Trial of a UAV Based Optical Locust Tracker
Graham Brooker(ACFR/University of Sydney), Jeremy Randle(ACFR/University of Sydney), Muhammad Esa Attia(ACFR/University of Sydney), Zhe Xu(ACFR/University of Sydney), Tariq Abuhashim(ACFR/University of Sydney), Abdallah Kassir(ACFR/University of Sydney), Jen Jen Chung(ACFR/University of Sydney), Salah Sukkarieh(ACFR/Univeristy of Sydney), Nazifa Tahir(ACFR/University of Sydney), John Dickens(Centre for Mining Innovation/CSIR),
Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for UAV Navigation during Landing Operations
Xilin Yang(ARCAA), Luis Mejias(ARCAA), Matt Garratt(UNSW@ADFA),
Autonomous Aerial Navigation and Tracking of Marine Animals
Wil Selby(MIT), Peter Corke(QUT), Daniela Rus(MIT),
Insect Inspired Vision for Micro Aerial Vehicle Navigation
Joshua Fernandes(The University of Queensland), Adam Postula(The University of Queensland), Mandayam Srinivasan(The University of Queensland), Saul Thurrowgood(The University of Queensland),
Estimation and Control for an Open-Source Quadcopter
Inkyu Sa(QUT), Peter Corke(QUT),

Swarm Robotics

From A Simple Local Vibration Message to The Success of A Global Complex Task
Tuan A. Phan(Monash University, Clayton), R. Andrew Russell(Monash University, Clayton),
Generating Formations with a Template based Multi-Robot System
Jan Carlo Barca(Monash University), Ahmet Sekercioglu(Monash University),
Using Mobile Relays in Multi-Robot Exploration
Julian de Hoog(University of Oxford), Stephen Cameron(University of Oxford), Adrian Jimenez-Gonzalez(University of Sevilla), J. Ramiro Martinez de-Dios(University of Sevilla), Anibal Ollero(University of Sevilla),

SLAM and related technologies

Path Planning Using Surface Shape and Ground Properties
Steven Martin(Queensland University of Technology), Peter Corke(Queensland University of Technology),
Real-time dense appearance-based SLAM for RGB-D sensors
Cédric Audras(CNRS-I3S UNSA), Andrew Ian Comport(CNRS-I3S UNSA), Maxime Meilland(INRIA Sophia-Antipolis), Patrick Rives(INRIA Sophia-Antipolis),
Towards Large-scale Occupancy Map Building using Dirichlet and Gaussian Processes
Soohwan Kim(The Australian National University), Jonghyuk Kim(The Australian National University),
Feature-based Visual Odometry and Featureless Place Recognition for SLAM in 2.5D Environments
Michael Milford(Queensland University of Technology), David McKinnon(Queensland University of Technology), Michael Warren(Queensland University of Technology), Gordon Wyeth(Queensland University of Technology), Ben Upcroft(Queensland University of Technology),
Towards Condition-Invariant Sequence-Based Route Recognition
Michael Milford(Queensland University of Technology),

Sensor fusion and 3D sensing

Automatic Road Clearance Surveying with Sensor Fusion
Xiang Thomas Ren(UTS), Xiang Luo(UTS), Jianguo Jack Wang(UTS),
An evaluation of dynamic object tracking with 3D LIDAR
Peter Morton(Australian Centre for Field Robotics), Bertrand Douillard(Australian Centre for Field Robotics), James Underwood(Australian Centre for Field Robotics),
Extraction and Grouping of Surface Features for 3D Mapping
Blair Howarth(UNSW), Jayantha Katupitiya(UNSW), Jose Guivant(UNSW), Mark Whitty(UNSW),
Multiple Sensor Based Terrain Classification
Shifeng Wang(University of Technoloty, Sydney), Sarath Kodagoda(University of Technoloty, Sydney), Zhan Wang(University of Technoloty, Sydney), Gamini Dissanayake(University of Technoloty, Sydney),

RGB-D Sensing

**Best student paper**
Visual Localisation of a Robot with an external RGBD Sensor

Winston M. S. Yii(Monash University), Nalika Damayanthi(Monash University), Tom Drummond(Monash University), Wai Ho Li(Monash University),
Streaming Kinect Data for Robot Teleoperation
Stephen Cossell(UNSW), Mark Whitty(UNSW), Jose Guivant(UNSW),
Outdoor Ride: Data Fusion of a 3D Kinect Camera installed in a Bicycle.
Alicia Robledo(UNSW), Stephen Cossell(UNSW), Jose Guivant(UNSW),
Fast Indoor Scene Classification Using 3D Point Clouds
Lei Shi(University of Technology, Sydney), Sarath Kodagoda(University of Technology, Sydney), Ravindra Ranasinghe(University of Technology, Sydney),
A lightweight approach to 6-DOF plane-based egomotion estimation using inverse depth
Titus Jia Jie Tang(Monash University), Wen Lik Dennis Lui(Monash University), Wai Ho Li(Monash University),

Human Robot Interaction and Assistive Robotics

A Real-time FPGA-based Vision System for a Bionic Eye
Horace Josh(Monash University), Benedict Yong(Monash University), Lindsay Kleeman(Monash University),
Multimodal Interaction System for a Household Assistive Robot
Zhi Li(Monash University), Ray Jarvis(Monash University),
Assistive Rehabilitation Robotic Glove
Eloise Matheson(Australian Centre for Field Robotics), Graham Brooker(Australian Centre for Field Robotics),
End User Programming to Enable Closed-loop Medication Management Using a Healthcare Robot
Chandan Datta(University of Auckland), Hong Yul Yang(University of Auckland), Priyesh Tiwari(University of Auckland), I. Han Kuo(University of Auckland), Bruce A. MacDonald(University of Auckland),
Intelligent Precision Control for Haptic Microrobotic Cell Injection System
Ali Ghanbari(University of Canterbury), XiaoQi Chen(University of Canterbury), Wenhui Wang(University of Canterbury),

Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Control of Hover for a Micro-Air-Vehicle using a Visual Snapshot
Matthew A. Garratt(UNSW@ADFA), Andrew J. Lambert(UNSW@ADFA), Hamid Teimoori Sangani(UNSW@ADFA),
A Time-Domain Grey-Box System Identification Procedure for Scale-Model Helicopters
Wei Yuan(UNSW), Jay Katupitiya(UNSW),
A Method for the Visual Estimation and Control of 3-DOF Attitude for UAVs
Richard James Donald Moore(University of Queensland), Saul Thurrowgood(University of Queensland), Dean Soccol(University of Queensland), Daniel Bland(University of Queensland), Mandyam V. Srinivasan(University of Queensland),
Virtual Odometer for a Quadrotor Micro Aerial Vehicle
Dinuka Abeywardena(University of Technology, Sydney), Sarath Kodagoda(University of Technology, Sydney), Rohan Munasinghe(University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka), Gamini Dissanayake(University of Technology, Sydney),

Control and Mechanisms

Design of an Integrated Electronic Speed Controller for Compact Robotic Vehicles
Benjamin Tefay(University of Queensland), Bazle Eizad(University of Queensland), Peter Crosthwaite(University of Queensland), Surya Singh(University of Queensland), Adam Postula(University of Queensland),
Investigating the use of Magneto-Rheological Fluid in an Active Compliant Actuator for a Stroke Rehabilitation System
Abigail Rajendran(Victoria University Wellington), Christopher Hollitt(Victoria University Wellington), Will N. Browne(Victoria University Wellington),
Controlled Drift: An Investigation into the Controllability of Underwater Vehicles with Minimal Actuation
Ryan N. Smith(Queensland University of Technology), Matthew Dunbabin(CSIRO ICT Centre, QCAT),
Learning Multidimensional Joint Control of a Robot using Receding Horizon Locally Weighted Regression
Christopher Lehnert(QUT), Gordon Wyeth(QUT),
Modeling, simulation and control of an electric diwheel
Benjamin Davis(The University of Adelaide), Benjamin Cazzolato(The University of Adelaide), Jonathon Harvey(The University of Adelaide), Chris Dyer(The University of Adelaide), Kane Fulton(The University of Adelaide), Evan Schumann(The University of Adelaide), Tao Zhu(The University of Adelaide), Zebb Prime(The University of Adelaide), Samuel Hart(The University of Adelaide), Erin Pearce(The University of Adelaide), Jonathon Atterton(The University of Adelaide),

Computer Vision

A system for reliable text recognition in an industrial environment
Evelyne G. Markey(CSIRO), Ashley D. Tews(CSIRO),
Feature Segmentation for Object Recognition Using Robot Manipulation
Oleg Sushkov(University of New South Wales), Claude Sammut(University of New South Wales),
Covert Behaviour Detection in a Collaborative Surveillance System
Punarjay Chakravarty(NICTA), David Rawlinson(NICTA), Ray Jarvis(Monash University),
Image-Based Visual Servoing for the Super-Orbital Re-Entry of Hayabusa Spacecraft
Razmi Khan(University of Queensland), Troy Eichmann(University of Queensland), David Buttsworth(University of Southern Queensland), Ben Upcroft(University of Queensland),
Experimental VGR for 3D Object Tracking and Contour Following
Chee Kit Wong(Industrial Research Limited), Patrick P.K. Lim(Industrial Research Limited),

Bio-inspired Robots and Novel Mechanisms

A Rat in the Browser
Scott Heath(The University of Queensland), Angus Cummings(The University of Queensland), Janet Wiles(The University of Queensland), David Ball(The University of Queensland),
eBug – An Open Robotics Platform for Teaching and Research
Nicholas D’Ademo(Monash University), Wen Lik Dennis Lui(Monash University), Wai Ho Li(Monash University), Y. Ahmet Sekercioglu(Monash University), Tom Drummond(Monash University),
Disturbance and Failure Classification in Walking Robots
Gustavo Schleyer(Monash University), R. Andrew Russell(Monash University),
An agile burrowing robot for underground chemical source location
R. Andrew Russell(Monash University),
Coordinate arbitrary Magnetic Field Control System for driving an Externally Powered and Geared Endoscopy Capsule Motor
Gavin Kane(Karlsruhe Institute for Technology), Henrik Keller(Karlsruhe Institute for Technology), Heinz Woern(Karlsruhe Institute for Technology), Joerg Raczkowsky(Karlsruhe Institute for Technology),


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