Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2010

Welcome to ACRA 2010

And welcome to Brisbane! I am delighted to once again chair ACRA, the Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation. In 1999, Jon Roberts and I chaired the first of the modern series of ACRA conferences – the conference had run six times before that under various different names. It is a real pleasure to see that the conference has been run in much the same form every year since our first effort, and seems to be reaching a higher and higher standard every year. The ACRA proceedings 1999 – 2009 published 495 papers which have been cited 1135 times between them, giving the conference a highly credible impact factor of 2.3. ACRA continues to be a highly inclusive and friendly conference that delivers great value for the Australian and New Zealand robotics community, and indeed to the broader international robotics community.

This year we have an exceptional program of technical presentations thanks to the hard work of our Program Chair, Ben Upcroft. The Programme Committee accepted 52 full papers for presentation and publication after a review process in which full manuscripts were reviewed by at least three committee members. The accepted papers were drawn from the 69 papers submitted – a new record for submissions to ACRA. Twelve papers have been nominated as contenders for the Best Student Paper, with the decision to be made during the conference based on both the students’ papers and oral presentations. The IEEE Queensland Chapter has provided a $500 prize for the winner.

For the first time this year, the proceedings will be made available to the conference attendees on a USB memory stick. Attendees can mark-up their copies of the proceedings during the presentation, and re-use the memory stick after the conference – once they have safely stored their copy of the proceedings of course! As in previous years, we will be maintaining the proceedings online at the ARAA website ( as well as a downloadable copy of the memory stick image.

In addition to the technical paper programme, the programme includes the Annual General Meeting for the ARAA, live robot demonstrations, and plenty of social opportunities (thanks to Michael Milford) for Australasian and international robotics researchers to network and develop cross-institutional links. There will be many opportunities to learn, to teach and to share, and I look forward to spending a fascinating three days with you at QUT!

Gordon Wyeth, General Chair

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