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Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2008


Mining GPS Data for Extracting Significant Places
Gabriel Agamennoni, Juan Nieto, Eduardo Nebot
A Robotic System for Steel Bridge Mainteance: Research Challenges and System Design
Dikai Liu, Gamini Dissanayake, P.B. Manamperi, Philip Brooks, Gu Fang
Collision-Free Workspace Design Optimisation of the 3-DOF Gantry-Tau Parallel Kinematic Machine
Ilya Tyapin


Analysis of an Autonomous Underwater Glider
Asher Bender, Daniel M Steinberg, Ariell L Friedman, Stefan B Williams
Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Hayden Neeland, Mizu Ardra, Dan Morgan, Bijan Shirinzadeh
Experiments in Integrating Autonomous Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Wireless Sensor Networks
Steven Teh, Luis Mejias, Peter Corke, Wen Hu
Multimodal Hybrid Powerplant for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Robotics
Richard Glassock
Autonomous Search for Hydrothermal Vent Fields with Occupancy Grid Maps
Michael V Jakuba, Dana R Yoerger


IMU Aided 3D Visual Odometry for Car-Like Vehicles
Navid Nourani-Vatani, Jonathan Roberts, Mandyam Srinivasan
Go with the Flow: Optimal AUV Path Planning in Coastal Environments
Jonas Witt, Matthew Dunbabin
Planning Continuous Curvature Paths for UAVs Amongst Obstacles
Kwangjin Yang, Salah Sukkarieh
Sound-scapes for Robot Localisation through Dimensionality Reduction
Aaron S.W. Wong, Stephan K. Chalup


Development of a Hemispherical Compound Eye for Egomotion Estimation
Will Maddern, Gordon Wyeth
An Automated Colour Calibration System using Multivariate Gaussian Mixtures to Segment HSI Colour Space
Naomi Henderson, Robert King, Stephan Chalup


Bioinspired Early Visual Processing: The Attention Condensation Mechanism
Thomas Müller, Alois Knoll
Design and Fabrication of Dragonfly Test Bed for Aerodynamic Characterization
Yutong wang, Shankar Kalyanasundaram, John Young
Reading the Play – Adaptation by Prediction of Agent Motion
David M Ball, Gordon F Wyeth
Motion segmentation for humanoid control planning
Matthew Field, David Stirling, Fazel Naghdy, Zengxi Pan
Attention Focus in Curious, Reconfigurable Robots
Kathryn Merrick, Elanor Huntington


Iterated SLSJF: A Sparse Local Submap Joining Algorithm with Improved Consistency
Shoudong Huang, Zhan Wang, Gamini Dissanayake, Udo Frese
Tree of Words for Visual Loop Closure Detection in Urban SLAM
Jonas Callmer, Karl Granström, Juan Nieto, Fabio Ramos
Time Synchronisation and Calibration of Odometry and Range Sensors for High-Speed Mobile Robot Mapping
Fredy Tungadi, Lindsay Kleeman
Real Time Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping for the Player Project
Yung-Hsun Yang, Bruce MacDonald, Karl Stol
A Repetitive Observation Strategy for Recognizing a True Anomaly and Estimating its Position
Muhammad Fahmi Miskon, R. Andrew Russell


Fine Sensitive Manipulation
Eduardo Torres-Jara, Gabriel Gomez
Robot Manipulation Grasping of Recognized Objects for Assistive Technology Support Using Stereo Vision
Sutonoe effendi, Ray Jarvis, David suter
Reconfigurable Robot Components Based on Liquid Metal
R. Andrew Russell
A New Family of Maximally Regular T2R1-type Spatial Parallel Manipulators with Unlimited Rotation of the Moving Platform
Grigore Gogu
Trajectory Tracking of Robot Manipulators Using Linear and Nonlinear PD-type Controllers
Fan Liu, Meng Joo Er


Real Time Motion Recovery using a Hemispherical Sensor
Rebecca G Dengate, Nick Barnes, John Lim, Chi Luu, Robyn Guymer
People Tracking from a Moving Panoramic Camera
Punarjay Chakravarty, Ray Jarvis
Movie1 Movie2 Movie3Movie4(1.6M)
A Robust Approach for Detecting the Edges of Outdoor Wire Fences
Guntur Tanjung, Tien-Fu Lu, Peter Lozo, Tommie Liddy
A Study of Morphological Pre-Processing Approaches for Track-Before-Detect Dim Target Detection
John Lai, Jason Ford, Peter O’Shea, Rodney Walker, Michael Bosse
Head-Pose Tracking with a Time-of-Flight Camera
Simon Meers, Koren Ward


Virtual force feedback teleoperation of the InsectBot using optic flow
Felix Schill, Robert Mahony, Peter Corke, Luke Cole
Markerless Augmented Reality for Robots in Unprepared Environments
Ian Y-H Chen, Bruce MacDonald, Burkhard Wuensche
Complex Control Skills Acquisition Supported by Haptic Feedback
Felix Schill, Uwe R. Zimmer
Application of Fuzzy NARX to Human Gait Modelling and Identification
Amir Hesami, Fazel Naghdy, David Stirling, Harold Hill
Improving the 2.5D Stage Robotic Simulator
Nick Wong, Jui-Chun Peng Hsu, Toby H. J. Collett, Bruce A. MacDonald


Insect Inspired Three Dimensional Centring
Luke Cole, Nick Barnes
Obstacle Avoidance Using Complex Vector Fields
Tommie Liddy, Tien-Fu Lu, Peter Lozo, David Harvey
Towards a Platform Independent Real-Time Panoramic Vision Based Localisation System
Nghia Ho, Ray Jarvis
Cross-correlation tracking for Maximum Length Sequence based acoustic localization
Navinda Kottege, Uwe Zimmer
Experimental Results of Differential Optic-Flow System
Richard Kathage, Jonghyuk Kim


Develop Real-time Application with Java Based Sun SPOT
li chen, Phillip McKerrow, Qinghua Lu
Using Contextual Knowledge to Inform a Multimodal Interactive System
Elizabeth Harte, Raymond Jarvis
A Simulation Framework for Plume-tracing Research
Zhenzhang Liu, Tien-Fu Lu
A Low Power Walk for the NAO Robot
Jason A Kulk, James S Welsh
Designing SANDRA: An Autonomous Tour Guide Robot for the University of Technology
Michael J. Behrens, Marc G. Carmichael, Mitesh Patel

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