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Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2006


Practical Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Mowing
Navid Nourani Vatani, Michael Bosse, Jonathan Roberts, and Matthew Dunbabin
Tuning a GPS/IMU Kalman Filter for a Robot Driver
Jamie Bell and Karl A. Stol
Tracking a vehicle from a rotating platform with a scanning range laser
Elliot Stanley Duff
Development of a Robotic Driver for Vehicle Dynamometer Testing
Hazim Namik, Tokushu Inamura, and Karl Stol
Motion Safety for an Autonomous Vehicle Race in an Urban Environment
Scott W H Robertson


An Universal, Inductively Coupled Battery Charger for Robot Power Supplies
Monique Ryan and Robert Coup
Trajectory Following with a Three-DOF Micro-motion Stage
Yuen Kuan Yong, Tien-Fu Lu, and Jayesh L. Minase
Insect Inspired Robots
John Lim, Chris McCarthy, David Shaw, Luke Cole, and Nick Barnes
Kinematic Optimisation of the Gantry-Tau Parallel Kinematic Manipulator with respect to its Workspace
Ilya Tyapin, Geir Hovland, and Torgny Brogardh


A Tactile Sensor Array that also Grasps Objects
Greg Hellard and Robin Andrew Russell
Robotic Sensor System for Automated Machines
Ahmed Asif Shaik, Glen Bright, and Peter Xu
Taste and Search in a Robotics Context
Robin Andrew Russell
The Design of a Transmitter with a Parabolic Conical Reflector for a Sonar Ring
Lindsay Kleeman and Akihisa Ohya
A Low-Cost, Compact, Lightweight 3D Range Sensor
Raymond Sheh, Nawid Jamali, M. Waleed Kadous, and Claude Sammut


Development of distributed industrial automation systems and debugging functionality based on the Open Source OOONEIDA Workbench
Arthur Chuan Kang Shih, Wenbin Dai, and Valeriy Vyatkin
Generic interfaces for robotic limbs
Geoffrey Biggs and Bruce MacDonald
Reconfiguration of Mechatronic Systems Enabled by IEC 61499 Function Blocks
Omar Mazharullah, Anirudha Sardesai, and Valeriy Vyatkin
Control Issues for Velocity Sourced Series Elastic Actuators
Gordon Wyeth


Location-Based Activity Recognition
Dieter Fox


Haptic Control of Multi-Axis Robotic Systems
Christopher Robin Mawson, James Mullins, Timothy John Black, and Saeid Nahavandi
Human Behaviour Recognition with Segmented Inertial Data
Sun Chao, David Stirling, and Fazel Naghdy


A ToA-based approach to NLOS localization using low-frequency sound
Lin Chi Mak and Tomonari Furukawa
Truck Localisation in a Mine Using Sparse Observations
Stewart Worrall and Eduardo Nebot
Practical WiFi Localization for Industrial Vehicles
Frederic Moster and Ashley Tews
Person Tracking, Pursuit and Interception by Mobile Robot
Punarjay Chakravarty, David Rawlinson, and Ray Jarvis


Fast Stereo Triangulation using Symmetry
Wai Ho Li and Lindsay Kleeman
Fast and Robust Stereo Object Recognition for Spheres
Robby McKilliam and Gordon Wyeth
Sign Detection and Driving Competency for Older Drivers with Impaired Vision
Janine G. Walker, Nick Barnes, and Kaarin J. Anstey
Fast and Efficient Rotated Haar-like Features using Rotated Integral Images
Chris Messom and Andre Barczak
A Panoramic Color Vision System for Following Ill-Structured Roads
Alan M. Zhang and Lindsay Kleeman


An Interactive Speech System for a Robotic Exhibit
Shaun Press and Jason Chen
Measuring and improving the accuracy of ARDev using a square grid
Kathy H. Y. Fung, Bruce A. MacDonald, and Toby H. J. Collett
Eye Contact as a Key Component in Human Robot Interaction
Shaun Press, Jason Saragih, and Jason Chen
Towards Real Time Facial Expression Recognition
Nanda Kumar Surendran, Rohan Veera Raghavan, S. Q. Xie, and K. C. Aw


Obstacle avoidance for a non-holonomic vehicle using occupancy grids
Kane Usher
Effect of Representation Size and Visual Ambiguity on RatSLAM System Performance
Michael John Milford, David Prasser, and Gordon Wyeth
Landmark Navigation with Fuzzy Logic
Sherine Micheal Antoun and Phillip John McKerrow
Multi-robot path planning with subgraphs
Malcolm Ryan
A Dynamic Bayesian Network Approach to Surveillance Decision Planning
Leon Chong and Ray Jarvis


A Comprehensive Cooperative Exploration Framework for Ground and Air Vehicles in Unknown Environments
Hai Ngoc Pham and Salah Sukkarieh
A coupled estimation and control analysis for attitude stabilisation of mini aerial vehicles
Robert Mahony, Sung-Han Cha, and Tarek Hamel
Modelling and Control of a Quad-Rotor Robot
Paul Pounds, Robert Mahony, and Peter Corke


Applying Acceleration Compensation to Minimize Liquid Surface Oscillation
Suei Jen Chen, Bjoern Hein, and Heinz Woern
Teaching mechanism design
Peter Ridley
Proposal of a Kit-Style Robot as the New Standard Platform for the Four-Legged League
Stephan K. Chalup, Michael Dickinson, Robin Fisher, Richard H. Middleton, Michael J. Quinlan, and Peter Turner

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