Table of Contents

Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2005

Invited talk

Beyond Geometric Mapping
Henrik I Christensen

Architectures and Programming

On specifying reactivity in robotics
Geoffrey Biggs & Bruce MacDonald
Player 2.0: Toward a Practical Robot Programming Framework
Toby H. J. Collet, Bruce A. MacDonald & Brian Gerkey
DDXVIDEO: A Lightweight Video Framework for Autonomous Robotic Platforms
Elliot Duff
Framework for the Long-Term Operation of a Mobile Robot via the Internet
Shervin Emami, Gordon Wyeth, Michael J. Milford, David P. Prasser
Development of an Integrated Robotic Programming Environment
Luke Gumbley and Bruce A MacDonald


Predicting Grasp Inertia with a Geometric Model
Gideon Kowadlo, Jason Friedman & Tamar Flash
Passivity-based Control of Robot Manipulators Sub ject to Constraints
Khoi B Ngo & Robert Mahony
Automated Vehicle Stability Control for Articulated Vehicles
Bradley Stevenson & Peter Ridley
Fuzzy Associative Memory for Humanoid Robot Joint Control
Doug Turk, Damien Kee, Chris Myatt & Gordon Wyeth
Motion Analysis for Decentralized Control of N-Module Hyper-Redundant Manipulators
Timothy Vittor & Richard Willgoss


Active Object Discovery for Communicating with Humans
Claire D’Este & Claude Sammut
Applying ISOMAP to the Learning of Hyperspectral Image
X. Rosalind Wang, Suresh Kumar, Tobias Kaupp, Ben Upcroft and Hugh Durrant-Whyte

Localisation and Data Fusion

UAV Localisation & Control Through Computer Vision
William Bath & Jonathan Paxman
Tightly Coupled INS/GPS with Bias Estimation for UAV Applications
Michael George & Salah Sukkarieh
3D Sensing Framework for Outdoor Navigation
Roman Katz, Narek Melkumyan, Jose Guivant, Tim Bailey & Eduardo Nebot
Decentralised Data Fusion with Particles
Lee-Ling Ong, Ben Upcroft, Matthew Ridley, Tim Bailey, Salah Sukkarieh & Hugh Durrant-Whyte
Adaptive Sensing for Localisation of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Paul Rigby & Stefan B. Williams
A Monocular Vision Based Localizer
Zhengzhi Zhang and K. R. S. Kodagoda

Multi-Agent Systems

A Flexible Human-Robot Team Framework for Information Gathering Missions
Shaun Brown, Jake Toh and Salah Sukkarieh
Using political science voting models to determine weightings in multi-objective decision problems
Andrea Abel & Salah Sukkarieh
Controlling formations of multiple mobile robots with inter-robot collision avoidance
H.M. Ha, A.D. Nguyen & Q.P. Ha
Quantitative Modeling of Multi-Agent Systems
Jason Held & Salah Sukkarieh
Multiple Robot Path Planning Strategies for Bush Fire Fighting
Ray Jarvis & Kai Wing Tang
Control of Contour Formations of Autonomous Vehicles by General Curve Evolution Theory
Shahab Kalantar, Uwe R. Zimmer

Planning and Reasoning

Non-monotonic Reasoning for Localisation in RoboCup
David Billington, Vlad Estivill-Castro, Rene Hexel & Andrew Rock
Pursuit Games in Obstacle Strewn Fields Using Distance Transforms
Ray Jarvis & Mohamed Marzouqi
Integration of Planning and Control in Robotic Formations
V.T. Ngo, A.D. Nguyen & Q.P. Ha
Path planning for a Parking Assistance System: Implementation and Experimentation
C. Pradalier, S. Vaussier & P. Corke


Advanced Airflow Modelling Using Naive Physics for Odour Localisation
Gideon Kowadlo & R. Andrew Russell
Congregation Behaviour in a Robot Swarm Using Pheromone Communication
Anies Hannawati Purnamadjaja & R. Andrew Russell
Robot Communication via Substrate Vibrations
Ari Silvola & R. Andrew Russell
Experiments on the Audio Frequency Response of Shape Memory Alloy Actuators
Yee Harn Teh & Roy Featherstone
Face Recognition with CTFM Sonar
Kok Kai Yoong & Phillip McKerrow


Bearing-Only SLAM for an Airborne Vehicle
Mitch Bryson & Salah Sukkarieh
Uncertainty Analysis of a Landmark Initialization Method for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
Henry Huang, Frederic Maire & Narongdech Keeratipranon
Towards Robust Airborne SLAM in Unknown Wind Environments
Jonghyuk Kim & Salah Sukkarieh
Experience Mapping: Producing Spatially Continuous Environment Representations using RatSLAM
Michael Milford, David Prasser & Gordon Wyeth

Systems and Automation

CASTER: A Robot for Urban Search and Rescue
Mohammed Waleed Kadous, Raymond Ka-Man Sheh & Claude Sammut
Part Tracking, Routing and Scheduling of Products for Mass Customization
Priyen Naidu, Glen Bright & O Diegel
Small-scale Aeroelastic Rotor Simulation, Design and Fabrication
Paul Pounds & Robert Mahony
Fish-Bird: Human-Robot Interaction in a Contemporary Arts Setting
David Rye, Mari Velonaki, Stefan Williams and Steven Scheding
Autonomous Pesticide Spraying Robot for use in a Greenhouse
Philip J. Sammons, Tomonari Furukawa & Andrew Bulgin


Face and Pose Recognition for Robotic Surveillance
Karl B. J. Axnick & Ray Jarvis
Toward Robust Image Detection of Crown-of-Thorns Starfish for Autonomous Population Monitoring
Ryan Clement, Matthew Dunbabin & Gordon Wyeth
Texture and Distinctness Analysis for Natural Feature Extraction
Kai-Ming Kiang, Richard Willgoss & Alan Blair
RDRVision – Learning vision recognition with Ripple Down Rules
Kim Cuong Pham & Claude Sammut
Fast Global Reflectional Symmetry Detection for Robotic Grasping and Visual Tracking
Wai Ho Li, Alan M. Zhang & Lindsay Kleeman
Fast Posture and Ob ject Recognition using Symmetries
Nathan Lovell
Obstacle Detection using Optical Flow
Toby Low & Gordon Wyeth
Panoramic Horizon Recognition
David Rawlinson & Ray Jarvis
Is the Sun Too Bright in Queensland? An Approach to Robust Outdoor Colour Beacon Detection
Ashley Tews, Jonathan Robert, Jonathan Roberts & Kane Usher