Table of Contents

Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2004


Reduced SIFT Features For Image Retrieval and Indoor Localisation
Luke Ledwich & Stefan Williams
Regular Polygon Detection as an Interest Point Operator for SLAM
David Shaw & Nick Barnes
Localisation using an image-map
Chanop Silpa-Anan & Richard Hartley
High-Speed Feature Extraction in Sensor Coordinates for Laser Rangefinders
Alen Alempijevic


A New Robot for Environmental Monitoring on the Great Barrier Reef
Matthew Dunbabin, Jonathan Roberts, Kane Usher & Peter Corke
Vehicle Model Aided Inertial Navigation for a UAV using Low-cost Sensors
Mitch Bryson & Salah Sukkarieh
Modelling of an Autonomous Amphibious Vehicle
T.H. Tran, Q.P. Ha, R. Grover & S. Scheding
Visible Spectrum Optical Communication and Distance Sensing for Underwater Applications
Felix Schill, Uwe R. Zimmer & Jochen Trumpf

Distributed Systems

A Dynamic Territorial Robotic System
Toby J. Richer & Dan R. Corbett
Visual Recognition of Conspecifics by Swarm Robots
R. Andrew Russell
Observer-Based Decentralized Approach to Robotic Formation Control
A.D. Nguyen, Q.P. Ha, S. Huang & H. Trinh
Decentralised Timescales for Large Scale Sensor Networks
Matthew Ridley, Lee Ling (Sharon) Ong & Salah Sukkarieh

Dynamic Vision

A Fast Vision Sensor Model: Matching Edges with NightOwl
Raymond Sheh & Bernhard Hengst
Combining Edge Detection and Colour Segmentation in the Four-Legged League
Craig L. Murch & Stephan K. Chalup
Active Vision – Rectification and Depth Mapping
Andrew Dankers, Nick Barnes & Alexander Zelinsky
Super-resolving Signs for Classification
Luke Fletcher & Alexander Zelinsky
Stereo Vision Motion Detection from a Moving Platform
Gary Overett & David Austin

Robot Systems

Wireless Network for Mining Applications
Gerold Kloos, Jose Guivant, Stewart Worrall, Andrew Maclean & Eduardo Nebot
A Cable-Array Robot for Air Vehicle Simulation
Kane Usher, Graeme Winstanley, Peter Corke, Dirk Stauffacher & Ryan Carnie
DDX: A Distributed Software Architecture for Robotic Systems
Peter Corke, Pavan Sikka, Jonathan Roberts & Elliot Duff
Designing a Distributed Real-time Software Framework for Robotics
Yuan-hsin Kuo & Bruce A. MacDonald
A `Do-it-Yourself’ Segway Mobile Robot Platform
Ray Jarvis

Dynamic Systems

Docking of a Mobile Robot Using Visual Bearings
Ran Wei, David Austin & Robert Mahony
Towards Dynamically-Favourable Quad-Rotor Aerial Robots
Paul Pounds, Robert Mahony, Joel Gresham, Peter Corke & Jonathan Roberts
Experiments on the Performance of a 2-DOF Pantograph Robot Actuated by Shape Memory Alloy Wires
Yee Harn Teh & Roy Featherstone
Optimal Joint Trajectory Planning for Manipulator Robot Performing Constrained Motion Tasks
Yueshi Shen & Knut Huper


Surface Roughness Measurement for Outdoor Mobile Robotic Applications
Alan M. Zhang & R. Andrew Russell
A Low Sample Rate Real Time Advanced Sonar Ring
Saeid Fazli & Lindsay Kleeman
Approaches to Pole Detection using Ranged Laser Data
Shaun Press & David Austin
A Global Vision System for a Robot Soccer Team
David Ball, Gordon Wyeth & Stephen Nuske


Fast Re-parameterisation of Gaussian Mixture Models for Robotics Applications
Ben Upcroft, Suresh Kumar, Matthew Ridley, Lee Ling (Sharon) Ong & Hugh Durrant-Whyte
A Modified Particle Filter for Simultaneous Robot Localization and Landmark Tracking in an Indoor Environment
Wenyan Hu, Tom Downs, Gordon Wyeth, Michael Milford & David Prasser
Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping from Natural Landmarks using RatSLAM
Michael Milford, Gordon Wyeth & David Prasser
Experiments in Outdoor Operation of RatSLAM
David Prasser, Gordon Wyeth, Michael Milford, Jonathan Roberts & Kane Usher
Hierarchical Monte-Carlo Localisation Balances Precision and Speed
V. Estivill-Castro & B. McKenzie


Computing Reaction Forces on Surgical Tools for Robotic Neurosurgery and Surgical Simulation
Adam Wittek, Jerome Laporte, Karol Miller, Ron Kikinis & Simon K. Warfield
Upgrading Instruments for Robotic Surgery
H. Mayer, I. Nagy, A. Knoll, E.U. Schirmbeck & R. Bauernschmitt
MR SAM: Magnetic Resonance Compatible Surgical Manipulator
Joshua Petitt & Karol Miller
Hyper-Redundant Manipulator Control for Reconfigurability and Obstacle Avoidance
Timothy Vittor, Richard Willgoss & Tomonari Furukawa
Eye-To-Hand Coordination: A Coarse-Calibrated Approach
Shahram Jafari & Ray Jarvis


Online Nonlinear System Identification in High Dimensional Environments
Duncan Potts & Claude Sammut
Learning Predition-Models in Environments with Hidden-state
Matthew Mitchell
Appearance Based Object Recognition with a Large Dataset using Decision Trees
Philip Blackwell & David Austin
Visual Object Recognition using Template Matching
Luke Cole, David Austin & Lance Cole

Planning and Tracking

Covert Robotics: Covert Path Planning in Unknown Environments
Mohamed Marzouqi & Ray Jarvis
Distributed Visual Servoing of a Mobile Robot for Surveillance Applications
David Rawlinson, Punarjay Chakravarty & Ray Jarvis
Video Video
A Multiple Hypothesis Walking Person Tracker with Switched Dynamic Model
Geoffrey Taylor & Lindsay Kleeman
Laser Motion Detection and Hypothesis Tracking from a Mobile Platform
Joshua Bobruk & David Austin