Table of Contents

Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2003


Robots for pre-orientation and interaction of toddlers and preschoolers who are blind
B Bartlett, V Estivill-Castro, S Seymon & A Tourky
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Driver assistance: contemporary road safety
Andrew Dankers, Luke Fletcher, Lars Petersson & Alexander Zelinsky
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Karlsruhe surgical robotics research
Jorg Raczkowsky, Sascha Dauber, Dirk Engel, Harald Hoppe, Werner Korb, Oliver Schorr, Stefan Hassfeld & Heinz Worn
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DNA analysis using a portable robotic instrument
Daksh Sadarangani, Bruce Macdonald, Allen G Rodrigo & David Saul

Walking Robots

Automatic gait optimisation for quadruped robots
Min Sub Kim & William Uther
Control of a heavyweight biped robot in the frontal plane
Joe Cronin, Richard Willgoss & Robin Ford
Cerebellar joint compensation for a humanoid robot
Damien Kee & Gordon Wyeth
Improved joint control using a genetic algorithm for a humanoid robot
Jonathan Roberts, Damien Kee & Gordon Wyeth

Multi-Robot Teams

Achieving cooperation in a distributed multi-robot team
Mark M Chang & Gordon Wyeth
Production rules as chromosomes of GA for robotic swarm applications
Kai Wing Tang & Ray A Jarvis
Behavioural approach for multi-robot exploration
Haye Lau
Graphical simulation and visualisation tool for a distributed robot programming environment
Felix-Etienne Trepanier & Bruce A MacDonald
Classifying an opponent’s behaviour in robot soccer
David Ball and Gordon Wyeth


Creating composite images for estimation the effectiveness of mobile robot coverage algorithms
Sylvia C Wong, Lee Middleton & Bruce A MacDonald
Representation and learning of visual information for pose recognition
David Prasser & Gordon Wyeth
Fusion of multimodal visual cues for model-based object tracking
Geoffrey Taylor & Lindsay Kleeman
VIdeo 1
An ordered list approach to real-time line detection based on the hough transform
Chris Madden & Robert Mahony
Red is the new black – or is it ?
David Austin & Nick Barnes
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Sensors I

Wind sensor and robotic model wasp development
David Harvey, Tien-Fu Lu & Michael Keller
Naïve physics for effective odour localisation
Gideon Kowadlo & R Andrew Russell
Chemical source location and the RoboMole project
R Andrew Russell
Object location and recognition using whisker sensors
R Andrew Russell & Jaury Adi Wijaya

Vision and Programming

A survey of robot programming systems
Geoffrey Biggs & Bruce MacDonald
Sensing for visual homing
Kane Usher, Matthew Dunbabin, Peter Corke & Peter Ridley
Performance of temporal filters for optical flow estimation in mobile robot corridor centring and visual odometry
Chris McCarthy & Nick Barnes
Techniques for improving vision and locomotion on the sony AIBO robot
Michael J Quinland, Stephan K Chalup & Richard H Middleton


HOMER – a high speed robot for indoor exploration
Nathan Wilson, Matt Rozyn & Michael Andrews
Combining wavefront propagation and possibility theory for autonomous navigation in an indoor environment
Cindy Leung & Adel Al-Jumaily
High precision GPS guidance of mobile Robots
Richard Willgoss, Vivian Rosenfeld & John Billingsley
Short-safe compromise patch for mobile robot navigation in a dynamic unknown environment
Sardjono Trihatmo & R A Jarvis
Covert path planning for autonomous robot navigation in known environments
Mohamed Marzouqui & Ray Jarvis
On robotic path planning using rapidly exploring random trees
Zoltan Deak Jnr & Ray Jarvis

Outdoor Robots

Submarine dynamic modelling
Peter Ridley, Julien Fontan & Peter Corke
Submarine automatic control
Peter Ridley, Julien Fontan & Peter Corke
Terrain aided underwater navigation – a deeper insight into generic monte carlo localization
Alexander Bachmann & Stefan B Williams
Helicopter automation using a low-cost sensing system
Gregg Buskey, Jonathan Roberts, Peter Corke & Gordon Wyeth
A helicopter named Dolly – Behavioural cloning for autonomous helicopter control
Gregg Buskey, Jonathan Roberts & Gordon Wyeth


On-line singularity avoidance, collision detection and task level programming utilizing a world model
Per Cederberg, Magnus Olsson & Bunnar Bolmsjo
The effect of ill-conditioned inertial matrix on controlling robot manipulator
Yueshi Shen & Roy Featherstone
New ways of generate better configurations using geometric features
Antonio Benitex & Daniel Vallejo
A chattering-free variable structure controller for tracking of robotic manipulators
Tri V M Nguyen, Q P Ha & Hung T Nguyen

Robots in Agriculture

Control of industrial robots for meat processing applications
Zeng Li, Peter Ring, Kym MacRae & Andrew Hinsch
A new approach to detech the cutting position for a robotic beef carcass scribing system
Zeng Li & Andrew Hinsch
Machine vision system for counting macadamia nuts
Mark Dunn & John Billingsley
Modular decentralized control of fruit picking redundant manipulator
Timothy R Vittor, Richard A Willgoss & Tomonari Furukawa

Localisation and Mapping

A Hybrid approach to finding cycles in hybrid maps
Margaret E Jefferies, Wenrong Weng, Jesse T Baker, Michael C Cosgrove & Michael Mayo
Three-Dimensional robotic mapping
Ian Mahon & Stefan B Williams
Line-based SMC SLAM method in environment with polygonal obstacles
David C K Yuen & Bruce A MacDonald
Bearing-only SLAM in indoor environments using a modified particle filter
N M Kwok & G Dissanayake
Six Dof D-SLAM
Lee Ling (Sharon) Ong, Matthew Ridley, Jong-Hyuk Kim, Eric Nettleton & Salah Sukkarieh
Video 1
Hippocampal models for simultaneous localisation and mapping on an autonomous robot
Michael Milford & Gordon Wyeth

Sensors II

Tracking people with networks of heterogeneous sensors
Alex Brooks & Stefan Williams
Active monocular fixation using the log-polar sensor
Albert Yeung & Nick Barnes
Uncertainty of line segments extracted from static SICK PLS laser scans
Albert Diosi & Lindsay Kleeman
Proximity Identification and tracking for mining automation
Garry Einicke