Table of Contents

Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2001

Keynote Addresses

Mining Automation: The Future, and an Excavation Automation Example

Paul Lever, Centre for Mining Technology and Equipment k1
The UNSW RoboCup 2001 Sony Legged Robot League Team

Claude Sammut, University of New South Wales k2

Robot Dynamics and Control

Dynamics of the New UWA Robot

Karol Miller 1
Dynamic Output Feedback Control of Single-Link Flexible Manipulators

Quang P. Ha, H. Trinh, J.G. Zhu and H.T. Nguyen 7
Dragline Bucket and Rigging Dynamics

Peter Ridley, Rindert Algra and Peter Corke 13
Active Structural Control using Dynamic Output Feedback Sliding Mode

Quang Ha, Jianchun Li, Guang Hong and Bijan Samali 20
Autonomous Control of an Underground Mining Vehicle

Peter Ridley and Peter Corke 26
Model Parameter Identification of Autonomous Vehicles

Tomonari Furukawa and Gamini Dissanayake 32

Robot Design and Application

Design of a Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robot

Pakpong Jantapremjit and David Austin 38
Design of an Autonomous Humanoid Robot

Gordon Wyeth, Damien Kee, Mark Wagstaff, Nathaniel Brewer, Jared Stirzaker, Timothy Cartwright and Bartek Babel 44
MRI Guided Surgical Robot

Kiyoyuki Chinzei and Karol Miller 50
Robotic Food Applications Example: Ice Cream Portioning

Werner Friedrich and Patrick Lim 56
Kambara: Past, Present and Future

Chanop Silpa-Anan and Alexander Zelinsky 61

Vision in Control

Computer Vision for Vehicle Monitoring and Control

Luke Fletcher, Nicholas Apostoloff, Jason Chen and Alexander Zelinsky 67
Comparison of Robustness and Performance of Partitioned Image Based Visual Servo Systems

Nicholas Gans, Peter Corke and Seth Hutchinson 73
Flexible Self-Calibrated Visual Servoing for a Humanoid Robot

Geoffrey Taylor and Lindsay Kleeman 79
A Practical Zoom Camera Calibration Technique: An Application on Active Vision for Human-Robot Interaction

Rowel Atienza and Alex Zelinsky 85
Millimetre Waves for Robotics

Graham Brooker, Mark Bishop and Steve Scheding 91
A Low-level Fusion of Millimetre-Wave Radar and Nightvision Imaging for Enhanced Characterisation of a Cluttered Environment

Richard Grover, Graham Brooker and Hugh Durrant-Whyte 98

Sensing and Localisation

Landmark Recognition with CTFM Ultrasonic Sensing

Danny Ratner and Phillip McKerrow 104
Image Processing Libraries

Bing-Chang Lai and Phillip McKerrow 111
A Camera as a Polarized Light Compass: Preliminary Experiments

Kane Usher, Peter Ridley and Peter Corke 116
Application of Vision in Simultaneous Localisation and Map Building

Trevor Fitzgibbons and Eduardo Nebot 121
Efficient Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping Using Local Submaps

Stefan Williams, Gamini Dissanayake and Hugh Durrant-Whyte 128
3D Terrain Mapping: A Stochastic Approach

Jeff Leal, Steve Scheding and Gamini Dissanayake 135

New Technologies

A Robot Interface Using WAP Phone

Pablo d’Angelo and Peter Corke 141
The Feasibility of Force Control over the Internet

Laurence Bate and Christopher Cook 146
Retrofitting Path Control to a Unimate 2000B Robot

Stuart Donald and G. R. Dunlop 152
A Tele-Autonomous Heavy Duty Robotic Lawn Mower

Ray Jarvis 157

Poster Session

Rapid Simultaneous Learning of Multiple Behaviours with a Mobile Robot

Koren Ward p1
Swarm Control for Automatic Drilling Operation by Multiple Micro Robots

Tokuji Kuronita, Shigeru Tadokoro and Hisayuki Aoyama p7
Learning to Kick Ball

Bernhard Hengst p13