Table of Contents

Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2000

Abstract of Keynote Speakers

Monte Carlo Aglforithms for Mobile Robot Navigation
Towards Soft and Intelligent Humanoid
State of Play in RoboCup Soccer

Mobile Robots

Autonomous Battery Recharging for Indoor Mobile Robots
S. Oh, A. Zelinsky, K. Taylor AUS
An Exploration Algorithm for Autonomous Mobile Robots
G. Baker, A. Howard AUS
Motion Control for Fast Mobile Robots: A Trajectory-based Approach – (extended abstract review)
A. Howard, A. Blair, D. Walter, E. Kazmierczak AUS
Probabilistic 2D Mapping of Unstructured Environments – (extended abstract review)
J. Leal, S. Scheding, G. Dissanayake AUS
Sensor Fusion and Map Building for Underwater Navigation – (extended abstract review)
S.Majumder, S. Scheding, H. Durrant-Whyte AUS


Automatic Extraction of Lip Feature Points
R. Goecke, J. B. Millar, A. Zelinsky, J. Robert-Ribes AUS
A 3D Head Tracker for an Automatic Lipreading System
G. Loy, E-J. Holden, R. Owens AUS
A ‘Centre of Disparity’ Based Robotic Gaze and Grasp Reflex Mechanism – (extended abstract review)
R. Jarvis AUS


System Design for a Small Autonomous Helicopter – (extended abstract review)
J. Roberts, P. Sikka, L. Overs AUS
Height Estimation for an Autonomous Helicopter – (extended abstract review)
P.I. Corke, P. Sikka, J. Roberts AUS
A Millimetre Wave Radar Sensor for Autonomous Navigation & Landing – (extended abstract review)
G. Brooker, T. Carter AUS
Flight Control Using an Artificial Neural Network
G. Wyeth, G. Buskey, J. Roberts AUS


Tactile Vision – Development of a Wearable Prosthesis for the Blind – (extended abstract review)
M. Gonda, R. Jarvis AUS
A Robot Scorpion Using Ground Vibrations for Navigation
A. Wallander, R. A. Russell AUS, K. Hyyppae SWEDEN
A Sonar Sensor with Random Double Pulse Coding
A. Heale, L Kleeman AUS
Using Volatile Chemicals to Help Locate Targets in Complex Environments
R. A. Russell, L. Kleeman, S. Kennedy AUS
Object Recognition by a ‘Smart’ Tactile Sensor
R. A. Russell AUS


A State Estimation System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
J. Cvetanovski, S. Abdallah, T. Brindmead, D. Wettergreen, A. Zelinsky AUS
Development of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle towards Visual Servo Control
G, Silpa-Anan, S. Abdallah AUS, D. Wettergreen AUS
Robust Camera Calibration for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
M. Bryant, D. Wettergreen, S. Abdallah, A.Zelinsky AUS


Object Recognition Via Attributed Graph Matching
I. Hofman, R Jarvis AUS
Exploration of the Internet Controlled ‘Rent-a-Factory’ Concept
L. Bate, C. Cook AUS
Development of a Large Scale, Tool-Development-Manipultor for Construction Applications
J. O’Brien AUS
An Experimental Tele-Operated Robotic System
P. Lim, S. Sharma, W Friedrich NEW ZEALAND


Fast, Robust Colour Vision for the Monash Humanoid
A Price, G. Taylor, L. Kleeman AUS
Reinforcement Learning for Visual Servoing of a Mobile Robot
G. Gaskett, L. Fletcher, A. Zelinsky AUS
Tracking with Hybrid-Drive Active Vision
O. Sutherland, S. Rougeaux, S. Abdallah, A. Zelinsky AUS
A Novel Mechanism for Stereo Active Vision
H. Truong, S. Abdallah, S. Rougeaux, A. Zelinsky AUS
Localisation Using Automatically Selected Landmarks from Panoramic Images
S. Thompson, T. Matsui, A. Zelinsky AUS


Intelligent Sensor Based Road Vehicle Driver Assistance
R. Jarvis AUS
Automated Volume Estimation of Haul-Truck Loads – (extended abstract review)
E. Duff AUS
Obstacle Detection for a Mining Vehicle Using a 2D Laser – (extended abstract review)
J. M. Roberts, P. Corke AUS


Stability Control in an Actively-Balanced Bipedal Robot
G. Mann AUS
A Comparative Study of Variable Structure and Model Reference Adaptive Control for Hydraulic Servo Systems
A. Bonchis, D. G. Rye, P. I. Corke AUS
Theory and Experiment of Decentralized Nonlinear and Adaptive Control of Robot Arms
M. Liu AUS
Friction Torques Estimation and Compensation for Robot Arms
N. H. Quach, M. Liu AUS
Distributed Digital Control of a Robot Arm
G. Wyeth, J. Kennedy, J. Lillywhite AUS