Australian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2000

Welcome to ACRA 2000

ACRA 2000 is different from previous National Robotics Conferences held in Australia in at least three ways. First, there has been a deliberate timing and location plan to have the PRICAI (Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence) 2000 conference and ACRA 2000 run together in recognition of the overlap .between the two represented research communities. Delegates to either conference will be able to mingle in the tea and lunch breaks. Secondly, Robocup 2000 is being held in Melbourne in the same week as ACRA 2000 and PRIeAI 2000 giving delegates to either conference the opportunity to follow the competition, with the finals expected on Sunday, 3rd of September. Finally, the set of papers selected for presentation at ACRA 2000 illustrate an incredible diversity of application domains and includes research on aircraft, submersibles, road vehicles and construction machines; also represented are a great variety of sensing modalities, including vision, tactile sensing, ultrasonics and radar. This richness of the field as represented in our conference should be celebrated, since it points to a promising future for related applications which have a place in all modem technologically mature societies. Let’s hope that some ofthese can be realised in Australia rather than migrating overseas looking for commercialisation opportunities.

All papers except the invited keynote presentations have been fully peer reviewed either as full papers or in extended abstract fonn as indicated in the contents.

Particular thanks to the staff of the Monash Conference Management Office for their support in organising this conference.

Ray Jarvis
Program Chair