Table of Contents

Australian Conference on Robotics and Automation 1999


The Aerosonde Robotic Aircraft: The First Civilian UAV to go fully Operational
G Holland & G Tyrrell
Entertainment Robots
J Hollerbach
Development of Musician Robots in Japan
M Kajitani
Teaching Control fundamentals for Mechatronics and Robotics – the use of JavaScript for simulation and animation
J Billingsley


Robots In Action I

Autonomous Transect Surveying of the Great Barrier Reef
S Williams, P Newman, S Majumbder, J Rosenblatt & H Durrant-Whyte
A Universal Theory of Fieldwork Robotics
J O’Brien

Robots In Action II

Sensor Rich Teleoperation of a Tracked, Heavy Duty Vehicle in Outdoor Rough Terrain
R Janvis
Advances in Shared Discrete Event Control of the Robotic Cane
P Ainger & B McCarragher
Behaviour-Based Docking using the DAMN Arbiter
T Bailey, E M Nebot, J K Rosenblatt & H Durrant-Whyte

Visual Navigation

Self-Learning Visual Path Recognition
P Chan & G Wyeth
Experiments in Control of Sensory Perception for Robotic Systems
T Celinski & B McCarragher
Mobile Robot Navigation based on Localisation using Hidden Markov Models
S Rahman & A Zelinsky

Neural Networks

Model Predictive Control for Robot Manipulators Using a Neural Network Model
Z Wei & G Fang
Design Issues in Hill Climbing for Neural Network Training
S Chalup & F Maire
Cerebellar Control of a Line Following Robot
D Collins & G Wyeth

Robot Competitions

Secondary School Robotics Competition
M Phythian & J Billingsley
Review of Mobile Robot Competitions
T Braeunl
Multi-Robot Coordination in the Robot Soccer Environment
A Tews & G Wyeth
A Navigation System for Robot Soccer
B Browning, G Wyeth & A Tews

3D Visual Analysis

Bounding Errors for Improved 3D Face Tracking in Visual Interfaces
J Heinzmann & A Zelinsky
An Alternative Approach to Recovering 3D Pose Information from 2D Data
G Loy, R Newman, A Zelinsky & J Moore
Error Analysis of Head Pose and Gaze Direction from Stereo Vision
R Newman & A Zelinsky

Robots that Learn

Reinforcement Learning of Behaviors in Mobile Robots Using Noisy Infrared Sensing
R Willgoss & J Iqbal
Reinforcement Learning applied to the control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
C Gaskett, D Wettergreen & A Zelinsky
Learning to Avoid Objects and Dock with a Mobile Robot
K Ward, A Zelinsky & P McKerrow
Programming by Demonstration using Hybrid Dynamic System Modelling
J Chen & B McCarragher


Dynamics of the Titan four-wheel drive mobile robot with floating Ackerman steering
D Ratner & P McKerrow
Position Tracking in Two Dimensjonal Workspace for SCARA Robots with Friction
J W L Simpson, C Cook & Z Li

Control I

Robot Manipulators Tracking Using Hybrid Fuzzy Logic Controller
E Kwan & M Liu
A Kalman-Filter Approach for the Multirate-Control Problem in Visual Servoing Systems
W Hoellmueller & N Haerle

Sensor and Vision Techniques

Classifying plants with ultrasonic sensing
N L Harper & P J McKerrow
Cable-Driven Pan-tilt Mechanism for Active Vision
S N Truong, J Kieffer & A Zelinsky
Improving the Angular Accuracy for a Fast Window Based Hough Transform
W Niemann & N Haerle

Control II

Model-Based Friction Compensation in Hydraulic Servo Systems
A Bonchis, Q P Ha, P I Corke & D C Rye
Feedback linearisation control for electrohydraulic systems of a robotic excavator
Q H Nguyen, Q P Ha, D C Rye & H F Durrant-Whyte
Feedforward Control Strategies for High-Speed Contouring Machine Tools
R C Ko, M C Good & S Halgamuge
Comparative Study of Feedback Sensor Locations for Servo Systems with Motor/Load Inertia Mismatch
J Moscrop, C Cook & F Naghdy


Robots In Action I

Robotic Processing of Variable Products
W Friedrich & H Nicholls
Operating Experiences with Service Robots – Examples from Mail Distribution
G Schweitzer, S Tschichold-Guerman & S J Vestli

Visual Navigation

Automatic Landmark Selection for Navigation with Panoramic Vision
S Thompson, A Zelinsky & M Srinivasan


Synthesis of a Manipulator of the New UWA Robot
K Miller

Control I

Neuro-Fuzzy Control of Robotics Peg in Hole Insertion
F Naghdy & J Lukasiaks
Intelligent Control and Navigation of an Outdoor AGV
P P Khaw, W S Wijesoma & E K Teoh

Sensor and Vision Techniques

Panoramic range estimation using a moving camera and a specially shaped reflective surface
J S Chahl & M V Srinivasan