Australian Conference on Robotics and Automation 1999

Welcome to ACRA 1999

The 1999 Australian Conference on Robotics and Automation is an inclusive venue for the discussion and promulgation of issues in robotics and automation that are relevant to research and application in Australia. This conference, the seventh national conference to be organised by the Australian Robotics & Automation Association (ARAA), plays an important role in the cultivation of local research culture. Young new researchers value the opportunity to present their work to a sympathetic but critical audience before being thrown into the international arena. It is an excellent venue for research students to see the wider aspects of robotics and automation in Australia and to learn from established researchers. Established researchers are able to maintain the national contacts that enable cross-institutional collaboration, and guide the development of Australian robotics and automation research.

It must be recognised that this conference is competing with a crowded market of international conferences that operate with similar programme guidelines. Despite this, the conference has attracted many high quality papers forcing the organisers to reject some papers due to time constraints. The number and quality of student papers speaks well or the future of robotics in Australia.

Given the quality of the response to this conference, and the benefits to Australian robotics and automation research, the organisers feel that the Australian Conference on Robotics and Automation should become an annual event.

Gordon Wyeth & Jonathan Roberts
ACRA Co-Chairs
Brisbane, March 1999

on behalf of the Programme Committee.