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Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2007

Table of Contents


Robotic Fish Based on a Polymer Actuator
Han Wang, Sungkono Surya Tjahyono, Bruce MacDonald, Paul A. Kilmartin, Jadranka Travas-Sejdic, and Rudolf Keifer

Evaluation of Selected Dielectric Elastomers for use in an Artificial Muscle Actuator
Alexander Barnes, Qiang Liu, George Young, and Tien-Fu Lu

Trial-and-Error Learning of a Biped Gait Constrained by Qualitative Reasoning
Tak Fai Yik and Claude Sammut

Empirical Modelling of Human Gaits for Biped Robots
Matthew Field, David Stirling, Fazel Naghdy, and Zengxi Pan


Local Path Planning along Bush Tracks using Vision
David Andrew Fernandez and Raymond Austin Jarvis

Learning to Avoid Indoor Obstacles from Optical Flow
Toby Low and Gordon Wyeth

Robust Appearance Based Visual Route Following in Large Scale Outdoor Environments
Alan Miao Zhang and Lindsay Kleeman

Anomaly Detection and Tracking for a Patrolling Robot
Punarjay Chakravarty, Alan Zhang, Ray Jarvis, and Lindsay Kleeman

Towards Coordinated Vision-based Docking Using an Autonomous Surface Vehicle
Matthew Dunbabin, Brenton Lang, and Brett Wood


Bayesian filtering over compressed appearance states
Bertrand Douillard, Ben Upcroft, Tobias Kaupp, Fabio Ramos, and Hugh Durrant-Whyte

Global Localisation in Real and Cyber Worlds Using Vision
Nghia Ho and Ray Jarvis

Applications of an Adaptive Hierarchical Mobile Robot Navigation System
Christopher Peter Lee-Johnson, Praneel Chand, and Dale Anthony Carnegie

Automated Process for Generating Digitised Maps through GPS Data Compression
Stewart Worrall and Eduardo Nebot

A Planning System for Autonomous Ground Vehicles Operating in Unstructured Dynamic Environments
Thomas Luke Pearse Allen, James Underwood, and Steven John Scheding


A Mobile Mechatronic Platform Architecture for Flexible Materials Handling
Anthony John Walker and Glen Bright

A Geometrical Method for Calculating the Unreachable Workspace of the 3-DOF Gantry-Tau Parallel Manipulator
Ilya Tyapin, Geir Hovland, and Torgny Brogardh

Automated Apparatus for In-Line Inspection of Mass Produced Custom Parts
Glen Bright and Shaniel Davrajh

Standardised Framework for Flexible Materials Handling Management based on Operating System Primatives
Anthony John Walker and Glen Bright


Towards Flight Trials for an Autonomous UAV Emergency Landing using Machine Vision
Daniel Fitzgerald, Luis Mejias, Pillar Eng, Rodney Walker, and Xi Liu

Design, construction and modelling of a low cost, miniature UAV using machine vision
Peter Beasley, Phillip Charles Gray, Kane Usher, and Neil Bergmann

Simulation of a Fixed-wing UAV Forced Landing with Dynamic Path Planning
Pillar Eng, Luis Mejias, Rodney Walker, and Daniel Fitzgerald

A Vision System for Optic-flow-based Guidance of UAVs
Dean Soccol, Saul Thurrowgood, and Mandyam Srinivasan


Featureless Vehicle-Based Visual SLAM with a Consumer Camera
Michael John Milford and Gordon Wyeth

Towards Improving SLAM Algorithm Development using Augmented Reality
Alex Kozlov, Bruce MacDonald, and Burkhard Wunsche

Multiple Laser Polar Scan Matching with Application to SLAM
Fredy Tungadi and Lindsay Kleeman

Real-Time Map Building with Uncertainty using Colour Camera and Scanning Laser
James Patrick Underwood, Steve John Scheding, and Fabio Ramos

Rao-Blackwellised Inertial-SLAM with Partitioned Vehicle Subspace
Mark Euston and Jonghyuk Kim


Task Allocation and Coordination for Limited Capability Mobile Robots
Praneel Chand and Dale Anthony Carnegie

An Architecture for Tool Use and Learning in Robots
Solly Brown and Claude Sammut


Proof of Concept of a Hyper-redundant Reconfigurable Modular Manipulator System
Tim Vittor, Richard Willgoss, and Javaid Iqbal

Modelling the Lama Coaxial Helicopter
Li Chen and Phillip John McKerrow

Design and Hybrid Control of a Two Wheeled Robotic Platform
Sonal Kalra, Dipesh Patel, and Karl Stol


An Autonomous Human Body Parts Detector Using A Laser Range-Finder
Lara Kornienko and Lindsay Kleeman

Perceiving A Corridor With CTFM Ultrasonic Sensing
Sherine Micheal Antoun and Phillip John McKerrow

Deriving Sensor Models and Non-Linear Filtering for Exponentials of Polynomials
Bradley Tonkes and Alan D. Blair

Assessing the Safety of a Velocity Sourced Series Elastic Actuator
Gordon Fraser Wyeth and Geoffrey Ralph Walker


Dual Optic-flow Integrated Navigation for Small-scale Flying Robots
Jonghyuk Kim and Galen Brambley

A Panoramic Stereo Imaging System for Aircraft Guidance
Saul Thurrowgood, Wolfgang Stuerzl, Dean Soccol, and Mandyam Srinivasan


Automated Sheep Brisket Cutting
Peter Ring, Philip Boyce, Kym MacRae, and Peter Condie

A Study on Indoor Automatic Change Detection for A Mobile-Camera
Guntur Tanjung and Tien-Fu Lu

Detecting Moving Pedestrians and Vehicles in Fluctuating Lighting Conditions
Stephen Nuske and Manuel Yguel


Adaptive Iso-Altitude Tracking and Terrain Reconstruction by Submarine Vehicle Formations
Shahab Kalantar and Uwe ralf Zimmer

Waypoint Navigation with Position and Heading Control using Complex Vector Fields for an Ackermann Steering Autonomous Vehicle
Tommie J. Liddy and Tien-Fu Lu

Bearing-only SLAM with Indistinguishable Landmarks
Henry Huang, Frederic Maire, and Narongdech Keeratipranon


An Interest-Based Framework for Modelling of Human Gross Motion in a Dynamic Environment
David Kenneth Wood and Steven J. Scheding

Web-based Telerobotics Revisited
Elliot Duff

Multimodal Human-Robot Interaction in an Assistive Technology Context
Elizabeth Harte and Raymond Jarvis


Substitute Three-Dimensional Perception using Depth and Colour Sensors
Simon Meers and Koren Ward

Sensing Formats for Automating Tasks in Beef and Sheep Slaughter
Peter Ring, Kym MacRae, and Peter Condie

Automatic Camera Exposure Control
Navid Nourani-Vatani and Jonathan Roberts

ISBN 978-0-9587583-9-0